If you are living in Biloxi, MS, you probably know that air conditioning is essential for your comfort especially when summer is still at its height. But having a faulty unit under the scorching sun could be your worst nightmare. So, before you get yourself into big troubles during summer, know what to do with the help of our smart tips.

Here are the five costly mistakes you should avoid doing with your unit.

  1. Investing in Bigger Units

Buying bigger A/C units for a small space is not a wise choice! Larger units lead to higher energy consumption, thus, increasing your monthly utility bills. And if your HVAC unit, particularly return vents cannot keep up, chances are your unit might end up needing an expensive repair. Make sure to ask for professional advice before buying an A/C unit.

  1. Hiding Your Outdoor Unit

We dream of a fine-looking landscape for our yard.  But having a huge outdoor unit makes the landscape’s feature less striking.  Some suggest that the smartest way to hide it is to use bushes. But along with this brilliant idea, you are compromising your unit’s functionality and performance. Leaves, dust, dirt and other elements can clog up, impede the air flow and reduce the air quality.

  1. Putting Heat-Emitting Appliances Close to Your Thermostat

Most homeowners do not have an idea how bad it is to place heat-emitting appliances next to their thermostats. Placing a floor lamp next to your equipment will make it think that your room is warmer. A similar effect can also happen when placing a TV set near your thermostat. Clearing out appliances or devices near your thermostat is the least you can do to help this machine work properly.

  1. Doing DIY Repairs

Whatever issue you are facing with your A/C unit, do not DIY repair. Do you have the skills, tools, and experience? No! So you should opt for expert service from a reputable HVAC company. Get the one who can address every issue while ensuring that your unit is working as efficient as possible.

  1. Neglecting the Maintenance

Your A/C unit is not only about taking the heat out of your home and making you feel comfortable. Like other machines you own, your unit also needs regular maintenance so it can maintain the same level of performance throughout the summer months.

Common and costly A/C mistakes can be avoided if you have an idea what they are. But when misfortune comes your way, it is always ideal to talk with your HVAC contractors first. North Bay Heating & Air is here to handle any of your A/C issues.