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If you live around Saucier, MS, you know that you have to deal with long, hot, and oppressive summers every year. It presents a humidity that is so harsh that even the cheeriest person would get pissed off. That is why it is important to have an A/C unit that optimally works all year long.

So then, what happens when one part of your A/C is broken? Should you replace the outside unit and keep the inside unit until it breaks down on its own? Or do you have to replace both of them? Keep reading to know more.

Why Should You Replace Your Indoor and Outdoor Unit All Together

Your outdoor unit of your A/C is commonly known as the condenser unit. Whenever your condenser unit stops working, it is wise to check first if your unit is still under warranty. Most A/C warranties last about 5-10 years. If you are lucky, you will get to replace it at no cost.

However, if your unit is out of warranty, you will have to buy a new one along with a new indoor unit as well. There are many reasons why doing so is the best way, and we are here to provide that to you. Read on!

It will save you more money in the long run

Although replacing both the indoor and outdoor units together is more costly, you should consider things in the long run. What happened to your outdoor unit will eventually happen to your inside unit. When this happens, you will have to spend more money buying them separately than buying them simultaneously.

However, if you do not have the budget to replace them both together, make sure to save up money when it is time to replace your inside unit. You can also reach a budget-friendly A/C installation service provider in Saucier, MS, to help you save a bit more.

Newer models are more energy efficient

Most of the time, a newer model of A/C units is designed to be more efficient. They are more environmentally friendly as well as budget-friendly. That is why, if you need to replace your outdoor unit, it is a wise idea to replace the indoor unit as well.

Contact your local A/C installation service provider in Saucier, MS, to get you started.

Less hazardous refrigerants

Your A/C works by receiving warm air and moisture from your home. The refrigerant then conditions the air to come out of your ventilation as a cool and comfortable air breeze. 

With this, newer models have newer refrigerants that are also environmentally and budget-friendly. For example, suppose you have a refrigerant problem, it is good to know that your newer kind of refrigerant is less harmful than those of old ones.

So, be sure to reach a professional A/C installation contractor in Saucier, MS, to help you out.


Outside and inside units are respectively designed to be compatible with each other. Having different and inconsistent parts will probably result in several conflicts, leading to the improper cooling of your unit.

Not to mention that you should also ensure they have the same rating systems and air filter conditions. Reach an expert A/C installation pro in Saucier, MS to give you a better option.

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