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Maintaining your air conditioning unit will save you on energy consumption and money and extend the lifespan of your A/C unit. If you notice that your A/C may not be working right, call on our exceptional A/C repair in Ocean Springs, MS, to ensure overall A/C unit health and function.

Warning Signals that Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair or Replacement

Like any other home or office equipment, our air conditioning system needs TLC now and then. Often, we forget routine maintenance for our A/C units, and the air vents could get very dirty and clogged that it does not provide us the comfort we need. Here are some red flags that show us when it is time for an A/C repair:

  • Warm Air Comes Out of Vents.If you feel warm air blows out of your air vents instead of cold refreshing air, then you need to check your settings and make sure that it is on cooling mode and that it’s adjusted lower than your indoor’s current temperature.

If you have done this procedure and yet the A/C still blows warm air, it could be a compressor problem, or perhaps something is restricting proper airflow.

  • Poor Airflow.When you observe limited or insufficient airflow, this is a clear sign of blockage or some broken parts inside, preventing the free movement or flow of air. It could be more severe, so it is highly recommended to call on A/C repair in Ocean Springs, MS, for maintenance and repair needs.
  • Irregular Cycles.If your air conditioning unit has erratic or frequent cooling cycles, then that is a red flag. It shouldn’t go on and off in a systematic manner. The processes would depend mainly on the weather or temperature.  If you notice that it has frequent cycling, it might need a quick tune-up or repair.
  • High Humidity Levels.Your air conditioning unit is supposed to regulate the humidity levels indoors. If you experience high humidity in your home, it becomes very uncomfortable, or your skin becomes sticky, then that’s another red flag.
  • Air conditioning units have refrigerants that cool your home or office space, producing some liquid while operating, but the drinks should go straight outside and not leak into your home. When there are leaks inside your home or around your A/C unit, this is a warning that your air cooling system is defective. Leaks can damage your home, so you must call on A/C repair in Ocean Springs, MS, immediately to prevent any further structural damage.
  • Bad Smell.If you notice unpleasant or foul odors coming from your air cooling system, this is an emergency issue which could mean that your A/C would need duct cleaning, tune-up, or repair is done before your entire home reeks of foul smell.
  • Rattling, Grinding, or Weird Noises.If you keep on hearing loud, rattling, or unusual noises coming from your air cooling system, this is a sign of an A/C problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. The rattling or grinding noise could mean severe pain with loose parts. While A/C would usually have some low-key sound or noise, something loud and ominous like a whistling or any weird noise could mean something more serious.

It pays to be very observant when it comes to your air conditioning units. If you notice anything out of the usual that will warrant immediate repair, then leave it to the pros for accurate and quick calibrations on your A/C units.

Do you have an A/C that has a severe leak or has been noisy and smelly for some time now? Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call us now at (228) 392-5092 or online at North Bay Heating & Air. We provide 5-star A/C repair in Ocean Springs, MS and surrounding areas.



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