If your A/C is working less efficient as it used to be, do not jump to conclusion that the system is at fault. Sometimes, it is the thermostat that needs a thorough check. You might not know it, but even a simple thermostat malfunction can cause great changes in the performance of your air conditioning system. Here is a list of the common thermostat issues that affect your A/C’s cooling performance.


This is a common thermostat issue and is more experienced with old manual units. Older units tend to be less efficient and may cause the uneven temperature inside your home. If this is sensed by the thermostat, it can give wrong commands to the system which can cause the compressor and the fan to turn on and off at the wrong time. The incorrect setting can lead to other problems such as uneven cooling, short cycling, and high energy bills.

Connection Problems

The thermostat is composed of switches that send signals to the air conditioning system through the wires. If the connections in any of these wires are lost, the air conditioning unit may experience problems in its operation. Chances are, the compressor will fail to turn on and off and the A/C fan will not activate or shut off.

Incorrect Placement

This is one good reason why you should always keep yourself away from shoddy technicians who do not have enough knowledge on the critical areas of the house where thermostats should never be installed. In order to function properly and to send the right signals to your system, a thermostat should be placed in the right spot.  Avoid sunlight from directly hitting it for a long period of time or near drafts and outside doors. When this happens, the thermostat can send incorrect signals to your system. If your thermostat is placed in the wrong area, the only solution to combat the issues is to relocate the device.

Low Power

If you notice that the thermostat is being unresponsive, the first thing that you should check is if it gets enough power supply. Sometimes it only takes a simple battery replacement to get your device running in shipshape again.

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