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Prompt Heater Repair in Vancleave, MS


In the winter, furnace repair is a top priority for many homeowners. A furnace that isn’t working properly can cause your home or office to become a bit uncomfortable. That said, you need to have a heating repair company ready to provide service.

Fortunately, North Bay Heating & Air provides 24-hour heater repair in Vancleave, MS and the nearby areas. Be sure to contact us whenever you need our service!


5 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair


When furnace repair is needed, it can be difficult to spot the signs that something is wrong. Here are a few tell-tale furnace repair signs that you should look out for:


Little to no heat in any part of your property


If your furnace is working properly, you should feel it when escaping hot air reaches all parts of the home. If there’s no warmth at all, then that may mean that either a furnace repair technician needs to check up on things or perhaps even replace some components.


Be wary of this sign; you may have a gas leak or perhaps some faulty wiring that could be causing the problem with no heat being distributed throughout your home.


Strange furnace noises


A properly working furnace shouldn’t produce any strange sounds at all. When you do hear weird noises, and it only gets louder or seems to bounce off another wall in your home, then it’s a clear indication of a problem with one of the moving parts inside the furnace itself.


At the very least, furnace repair is needed to ensure your furnace is working up to par and that these strange furnace noises don’t escalate into something more dangerous down the road.


Strange furnace smells


Your furnace should always have the same smell as other furnaces you’ve used in the past: clean and without any strange odors whatsoever. If your furnace smells like anything else, then have a furnace repair service immediately.


It may be something simple, but it could also indicate a major furnace repair problem that must be dealt 



High heating bills


If your heating bills seem higher than usual and don’t even have anything to do with how cold the weather is outside, furnace repair might be necessary to ensure your furnace is working up to par.

Sometimes, furnace repair can reduce your heating bills by fixing faulty components of your heating system.


Leaking furnace


If your furnace is leaking, then it’s time for furnace repair right away. Furnaces are supposed to be sealed tight to keep the heat inside them and not let any moisture escape into your home during operation.

If you notice a leak somewhere, have furnace repair done as soon as possible because it could mean big furnace repair problems in the future.


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Having furnace repair done doesn’t have to be a hassle when you know what signs to look for and how furnace repairs should go down. If anything, furnace repair can save you money by making your furnace run better than ever before.


So, when in need of fast and reliable heater repair in Vancleave, MS, don’t hesitate to call North Bay Heating & Air. You can call us at (228) 392-5092, or you can visit us online here to learn more about us.



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