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DIY heating installation has been a trend in the U.S. for the past few years because it is more cost-effective than hiring a professional. But even if you have relevant experience, it’s best to leave the job to an expert in heating installation in Perkinston, MS, especially when you have a hectic schedule. 


It might be confusing to choose the company that best suits your specific requirements with the multiple companies to pick from. But don’t feel that way, as North Bay Heating & Air is here to serve you. We have years of experience, quality services, and an accommodating team you shouldn’t miss. 

5 Factors to Consider When Looking for a Heating Installation Specialist

For those who live in the colder regions of the world, heating is essential to stay warm and comfortable. If you are looking for a heating installation specialist, here is what you should consider during your search:

1. Licensing

All heating installation companies need to be licensed by their local authorities. This means that they have met specific standards set by the government regarding safety and health issues. These heating professionals will also have certifications from organizations, such as Energy Star and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). 

2. Experience

Specialists in heating installation in Perkinston, MS should have a long track record of success with heating installations. Some heating professionals may specialize in one area of installations, while others may work with multiple types.

3. Approach to Work

The way heating specialists approach their work will reveal quite a bit about their character and attitude towards customers. When interviewing potential heating technicians, ask several questions about how they interact with clients.


This includes questions about heating installation methods, warranties and guarantees, heating system setup, and proper heating maintenance.


If a heating specialist seems impatient or has a bad attitude during job interviews, chances are their customer service will be equally as poor. An excellent heating professional should answer all of your questions patiently. 

4. Upfront Price

Before any work begins on your property, heating installation companies should provide estimates in writing for how much it will for heating systems. Heating installation company should never start any work without your written consent and should always stick to the original estimate unless you agree to changes.

5. Warranties and Guarantees

All heating installation companies offer a warranty on their products and services. However, the length of the warranty and what is covered may vary from one heating specialist to another.


In most cases, the heating installation company itself will offer the warranty, but some manufacturers may also do the same thing. Therefore, it is essential to read through the warranties carefully before deciding.

Get Your Heating Installation Project Done By the Best HVAC Specialist

Whether you have prior heating installation experience or some tools, nothing can beat the services of a professional. 


Here at North Bay Heating & Air, our team has experienced heating installation projects of all sizes, and we get the job done according to our customer’s schedule without shortcuts. That’s why quality heating installation in Perkinston, MS has been associated with our reputation. 


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