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Heat pumps are a great way to keep your home cool during the hot summer months. However, they do require routine maintenance if you want them to perform at their best. This will let you avoid spending money on repairs or replacing your unit altogether. So be sure to have your heating system tuned-up regularly.

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5 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Maintenance Service


Here are the five most common signs your heat pump needs maintenance:

1. The temperature is too low.

If the temperature in your house is too low and you can’t seem to adjust it, this could be a sign that your heat pump doesn’t have enough airflow.

And when there’s not enough airflow going through your unit, it will not properly provide your home with a consistent and right temperature.

2. The house smells bad.

This is another sign that there could be debris build-up on the indoor coil or inside the outdoor unit—which means you may have an inadequate airflow problem. This can lead to mold and bacteria growth, which is very unpleasant and unhealthy for anyone breathing it in!

So when you detect a bad smell in your home, you need to have someone come out and inspect it.

3. It’s working overtime.

Suppose your heat pump is running more than usual and you see an increase in electricity bills. In that case, this could be a sign that the unit can’t efficiently transfer energy to your home. Many issues can cause this, but essentially it’s due to an inadequate airflow problem and the unit not being able to heat your home correctly.

When this happens, be sure to schedule maintenance service right away. If left unaddressed, repairs will only get more costly!

4. You hear unusual sounds.

If you notice odd sounds coming from your heat pump, such as rattling or clunking, this could be a sign that the unit can’t circulate air properly. And if you hear high-pitched screeching or squealing sounds, this means that the blower wheel is not moving properly and needs to be maintained or replaced.

5. Your unit is constantly short cycling.

Short cycling means that your heat pump is turning on and off frequently. When this happens, it can’t efficiently transfer energy from outside into the inside of your home. This is due to not having enough time for adequate heating before it turns back off again.

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If you notice these five signs in your heat pump, call North Bay Heating & Air immediately. We can provide a thorough inspection and maintenance service to fix any issues causing the unit not to work properly.

You can schedule maintenance service by calling us at (228) 392-5092 or setting up an appointment online. We look forward to helping you stay warm and comfortable.



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