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We all long for a toasty and cozy space to go home to every day. However, in realistic scenarios, things don’t always go as planned. We only realize the importance of a well-maintained heater when we wake up freezing because our heater suddenly stopped working. If this happens to you and you need emergency heating repair in Ocean Springs, MS, then we’re open to serve you 24/7.

Why Heaters are Important for Your Home

Many furnaces today are modern and are equipped with state-of-the-art humidification technology that gets rid of hazardous air contaminants that negatively impact your indoor air quality.

This is one valuable investment you can buy with confidence for your home and family. Today, most heaters are built to be energy-efficient and durable, primarily if you invest in routine maintenance and repair your HVAC equipment.

Heaters are essential for your home or office space and are considered a solid investment. However, heaters would usually develop some problems along the way, primarily if they are poorly maintained. There are no perfect systems, which is precisely why proper and prompt servicing of your heaters is pivotal to keeping your home warm and comfortable, especially during the cold months.

Common Causes of Heater Problems

  • Too Large or Too Small Ductwork. You can’t possibly use any heating unit size for your home and think that it can heat your entire house evenly or effectively. If you choose too small a size for your space, it will provide limited airflow, which means some rooms will be warmer than others, while a large heater would usually increase your energy consumption.
  • Poor Insulation. If your home suffers from inadequate insulation, it cannot retain warm air; this means your heater will have to work harder than usual to achieve the temperature level you desire for your home. This can be damaging to your heating system. In the same way, you would also see an increase in your energy bills.  
  • Dirty Air Filters –The air filter in your air conditioning unit will collect impurities over time, resulting in clogging that impede unrestricted airflow. Your home will then be cooler than warm because the heated air has been trapped in the ducts. If you experience this problem with your air filters, then it’s best to call on heating repair in Ocean Springs, MS.
  • Old Heater– If your heater has been with you for ages and shows signs of uneven heating or areas or rooms that are colder or warmer than the others, then this must mean it’s nearing the end of its lifespan or retirement age.

If your heater has been with you for ten years or more, it’s noticeable aging and wear and tear signs. This means you would need to call on a heater service technician to have it checked or repaired immediately.

We understand how your heater problems can be stressful, and that is the pain point we solve. We provide nothing but top-notch heating repair in Ocean Springs, MS. For 5-star quality HVAC repair service, you can call us at (228) 392-5092 at North Bay Heating & Air. We service Ocean Springs, MS and surrounding areas.



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