Spring is around the corner, but we know how winter and the cold can linger a little bit longer than normal!Here are someuseful and practical tips to warm you up!

1. Put on another layer of clothing! It may seem obvious, but sometimes we tend to focus on the temperature of the room we are in instead of ourselves. Increasing your body temperature will save you money on your power bill! Remember we lose most of our body heat through our head so wearing a hat inside may feel silly, but it will do the trick!

2. Reverse your ceiling fan. Set it to the clockwise setting to push warm down into the warm instead of up by the ceiling where is rises. Hot air up high won’t do you any good.

3. Make sure you do not have furniture or household items blocking your vents. Allow the warm air from your heating system to flow freely through the house.

4. Open your curtains and allow the sunshine to shine through during the day and warm your house up naturally.

5. Block drafts coming into your house with a door blocker. Lay it along the bottom of the door to ensure heat isn’t going out and cold air isn’t coming in.

6. Invest in a programmable thermostat. Keep tight control of the temperature of your home. These days’ thermostats have become increasingly high tech and you can operate them from your smart phone. This way, you can increase the heat setting on your way home from work to make sure it is nice and toasty inside when you arrive home.

7. Use your oven! Roast a chicken, bake some cookies! The heat will radiate through the house. It is a win win situation, satisfied stomachs in a warm cozy house!

8. Pile on the blankets when you sleep. We tend to layer with the thinner sheets first, but your body heat will be trapped if you use a thicker blanket first when you make your bed.