People are always looking for ways to save money, and if you feel comfortable working on your AC system, you can cut costs by cleaning your own coils. However, it is always recommended that your HVAC technician come out and look over your system at least once a year.  The first step will be turning off your HVAC at the thermostat and shutting off power to the condensing unit.

This step is extremely important for safety reasons. Next step is removing the top off the condenser, use a drill to lift out the bolts, but leave the fan attached. This is a great opportunity to brush away cobwebs, dirt and leaves inside the access panel. Removing leaves is important because as they decay in a unit they allow corrosion because of their dampness.

Be sure to not disconnect any wires. Next step is opening up the fins and cleaning the space between them, don’t force your cleaning tool through the fins, be gentle. Hose the area down avoiding the actual disconnect or electrical components, don’t be nervous, the unit was designed to not be harmed by water.

Using an environmentally friendly cleaner mix, spray down the coils. Let it sit for a bit to allow the cleaner (soapy water) to break down dirt and residue, then hose it down again. After it has dried to your satisfaction, put the top on again, just the same way you took it off. Plug the disconnect back and remember to turn on the breaker and thermostat. If at any point during this process you feel uncomfortable, be sure to call your HVAC technician for advice and guidance.