Non-programmable and programmable thermostats have been the traditional choices when it comes to choosing a thermostat in past years. Nonprogrammable being the cheaper of the two, requiring a manual setting of temperature, and heating or cooling to cycle your HVAC system. A programmable system will have a digital interface and allows programming within a period. New on the market is Wi-Fi thermostats.

They allow the user to have control over temperature without being at home or in the workplace. Once your smart thermostat is synced, you will have remote access via your phone or tablet or anywhere there is Wi-Fi via the necessary app. This means improved energy efficiency and complete control over your comfort level 24/7.

This is revolutionary for the heating and cooling industry (and your power bill, considering your HVAC system is normally the largest energy consumer in a home). If you have teenagers who are always adjusting your settings without your permission, a Wi-Fi thermostat can bring an end to that. If you have pets at home and you go on vacation, your pet setter will not be able to run up your bill adjusting the climate to their personal comfort level.

Some smart Wi-Fi thermostats will give you the capability to control the temperature of different rooms using remote sensors. This is perfect for different family members who run hot or cold individually and tend to bicker over the temperature. A Wi-Fi thermostat will be more expensive when compared to traditional thermostats, but over time it will pay for itself.