Summer will be in full swing, which means sunny skies and high temperatures. You might feel ready for summer right after a long winter season, but is your air conditioner ready to keep your home cool? It is necessary to make sure that your AC unit is prepped for summer. For homeowners like you, some quick tasks are possible to prevent expensive maintenance mistakes.

Here’s how you can prepare your air conditioner for summer.

Clean Your AC Unit

Knowing that your outside unit is at risk to some elements, conduct a thorough inspection and clean it using a cloth or brush. Clean out the obstruction around your unit and on the grills. Spray your AC coils with a hose, but make sure to power it off entirely. On external unit, you can utilize a brush to clean the fins.

Replace the Air Filters

Typical air filters need to be changed at least once a month to ensure optimal performance. Filters serve as barricade between the AC mechanism and the debris. Therefore, it is necessary to keep on schedule. For those who have allergies, they should be mindful of the change frequency of their air filters.

Check The Coolant Lines

Check the refrigerant lines, the tubes or pipes running from the AC condenser to the inside of your house. Make sure that they are properly insulated in order to prevent energy loss. You can either use foam insulation tape or just cover them using foam insulation sleeves.

Keep the Condensation Lines Clogged Free

Air conditioners have evaporator coils, which deposit moisture and need to be removed from the unit. Through motor pump or gravity, the condensation pipe transfers the water away into a drainage area. Take note that the pipe should be free of any blockage or dirt. When the fluid backs into the AC unit, it can cause costly damages and destroy some parts of your home.

Clean Out the Coils and Condenser

Build-ups on the air conditioner condenser can hamper the transfer of heat and flow of air. As a result, it limits the performance of your AC and worst, it causes problems. Clear away the plants, grass clippings, leaves, and debris from the condenser. You can use either a low-pressured canned air or soft cloth to clean the coils for mold spores or pollen that have accumulated.

 Upgrade Your Current Unit

Energy efficient air conditioners can help you save money in the long run. Best of all, you can also benefit from its advanced features. However, make sure that the unit you are choosing is of proper capacity.

If your unit is old, it may be a time to call for help. Qualified technicians from AC company in Biloxi can help you do a thorough technical inspection to prevent system failure during summer. They can also address any concern you have. Summer is fast approaching and no one knows your house much better than you do. So, get an expert’s opinion right before you run out of time.