The main threat in the summertime to your HVAC system is found in summertime thunderstorms. Summer storms can develop very quickly and suddenly, becoming powerful and severe before your eyes.  As the storm grows stronger torrential rain, thunder, lightning and high winds should be viewed as a hazard for your HVAC system. Being prepared for a storm can ensure you are safe and comfortable.

Lightening is the main threat, lightning bolts travel extremely fast and can extend down thirteen miles from the actual storm.  As soon as you hear thunder, be prepared for the possibility of lightning. The average strike has an electric current of 30,000 amps which can destroy or cause serious damage to the components of an HVAC system. The heat in lightening caneven melt the metal in your HVAC hardware. Rain and winds can cause damage to the outside components.

So what steps can you take to be prepared for a storm and help protect your HVAC system? Have a weather warning app on your phone so you will be alerted of incoming bad weather. If a storm is coming bring in any objects from outside that could potentially become airborne and hit or land on your outside HVAC components and cause damage to them. Last of all, if possible unplug your HVAC system or cut off its power by shutting off the circuit breaker so it will not be damaged by an electrical power surge or power outage. In the rare instance there are power lines down by the outside unit don’t go near it and wait for a professional to inspect it.