Winter is on its way out and spring is here! Your HVAC system has probably been working hard during the cold season keeping your house or business warm for you. Now is the time to switch gears and get it ready for spring. Transitioning into spring can be a time for your system to have a bit of a spring break (no pun intended!) The weather may be nice enough for you to open your windows and rely on nothing more than fresh air flowing your house.

However, don’t let the warmer weather sneak up on you and take you by surprise by finding out your AC isn’t working. No one wants there family or employees to be uncomfortable because the AC isn’t working.  Preventative maintenance can go a long way in making sure this doesn’t happen. One of the first steps in preparing your unit for the warm weather is cleaning your unit. Inspect the coils and vents and make sure they are not dirty. Look over the evaporator for any obvious dirt or issues.  Dirt can cause the system to run longer. What this does isdecrease operational efficiency and will increase your power bill. Having a clean system can reduce your power bill simply because the HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to pump out cool air.

Inspect and change your air filters. This is an inexpensive task but crucial to the well-being of your unit.

If you feel comfortable doing so, check the level of refrigerant in the AC. Too little or too much can have negative effects and cause distress to the unit.

Make sure there is adequate airflow, and your system is not being restricted in anyway. Clean out the blower components and confirm there is nothing blocking your vents such as furniture or clutter.

Last of all, enjoy the beautiful spring weather.