After the long cold winter, we can finally look forward to more exciting park strolls, zoo visits, and many enjoyable outdoor trips. Guess what; the spring is fast approaching! However, the advent of the new season is not just about making outdoor moments with your loved ones; it also means finding the most efficient yet comfortable temperature setting indoors.

If you do not know where to begin, take a look at these temperature setting tips for spring:

Use Your Ceiling Fans

In the warmer weather, you can take advantage of your ceiling fans’ blown air by rotating them counter-clockwise. If you switched their rotations to clockwise last winter, be sure to reverse them this spring season. They can help create a cool breeze. Their windchill can make you feel like you are getting 5 degrees cooler than the actual home temperature. After all, setting your temperature to 73 degrees is much better than 78 degrees.

Use Your Heat-Producing Devices at the Right Time

You can also manage your indoor temperature and supplement your cooling system by using household heat-producing devices at the right time. The chores like cooking foods, ironing clothes, and running dryer and washer are best done in the morning or evening when the sun is low. By doing so, you do not need to run your thermostat to combat the heat from the sun and your appliances.

Invest in High-Efficiency LED Bulbs

One of the easy fixes to manage your indoor temperature is investing in highly efficient LED or halogen light bulbs. They may cost more than the typical incandescent bulb, but they are worth buying when it comes to efficiency, comfort, and savings. LED bulbs only use one-tenth of the electric energy consumed by incandescent bulbs. They do not even emit heat, which makes them a valuable option compared to incandescent bulbs that produce 90% heat and only 10% light with the energy used.

Cover Your Windows

One of the factors that contribute to too much heat inside your home is the direct sunlight. Block the sun and cover your windows using blackouts or good window treatments to prevent the radiant heat transfer. This keeps the invasive heat of the sun out, helping your thermostat regulate the most efficient and comfortable temperature for your space.

If you are interested in discovering more energy-saving tips this spring season or you just want to understand more about how you can efficiently run your thermostat, don’t hesitate to call our team at North Bay Heating & Air. Contact us today.