An HVAC warranty is a great investment, particularly if you plan to buy a new HVAC system for your home. A good warranty can save you a considerable amount of money when an immediate repair is needed. However, not all HVAC warranties are the same!

So, what should you look for when you’re planning to buy a warranty for your HVAC system? Keep reading below to learn more.

Warranty Coverage

The first thing you should consider when getting an HVAC warranty is the period covered. Before you commit to an investment, ask your manufacturer first of how long they will stand behind their products. A good manufacturer’s warranty should cover the equipment for at least two years. In a more economic sense, it is best to go for a warranty that has the longest coverage to save you from the stress and cost of repairs.

Parts Warranty

You should know that the terms of a warranty may vary for different parts and labor costs. For example, some of the HVAC parts may only have a 10-year warranty, while the major parts like heat exchanger may have up to 20-year warranty coverage. Be sure to ask your contractor about this before getting an HVAC warranty.

Extended Warranty

Your original warranty term could be extended by up to 10 years, covering both parts and labor. Opting to extend your warranty can let you save money as it allows you to manage your system’s ongoing operational costs. If you’re planning to extend your current warranty, then be sure to talk to your contractor to know if it’s the best solution for the age of your current system.

Installation Warranty

Your HVAC company should also stand behind the services they provide. You should also get protection for your system particularly during the installation. This is vital to assure you when unexpected events happen such as installation-related problems.  Before the installation is done, be sure to ask for a written 100% money-back guarantee from your contractor for added peace of mind.

What Can Void Your HVAC Warranty?

Your warranty can be voided if you don’t register your HVAC and its manufacturer’s warranty on time. Not hiring a qualified installer, not using the approved parts, and not getting professional maintenance can also void your warranty. That’s why it’s always best to ask the experts before buying a new HVAC system.

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