A commercial HVAC control system is responsible for regulating the performance of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings and business establishments. This is known by various names such as building automation and energy management system. Whatever it is called, a commercial HVAC control system generally functions to keep the system running smoothly and efficiently throughout its operation.

Commercial HVAC System Controls Through Energy Management

Every business owners or property managers’ goal is to keep the business running and gain as much profit as possible. Sadly, a big percentage of the revenue is always eaten away by the energy loss in commercial heating and cooling systems. Through energy management, this problem can be prevented, and the loss of both monetary and energy resources is reduced. Energy management allows you to track the overall energy usage of multiple HVAC systems combined into one. It will also inform you if there are potential energy loss issues in your system.

Building Automation and System Controls

Building automation can provide commercial HVAC control system by accounting and modifying the settings. It integrates different kinds and brands of commercial HVAC systems, so you do not really have to worry about the type of unit your commercial building is using. With this, you can connect the lighting and security systems, fire protection and the components of your heating and cooling systems with each other.

System Controls and Energy Efficiency

System controls can help in keeping the efficiency of your commercial comfort systems for greater savings and comfort. It can determine the peak times that your building is active and operational, where more energy is consumed by your HVAC system, and when it will not be needed as much. Additionally, system controls can give you accurate and fix details of the energy usage in every area of the building. It also has remote control access where you can set the controls and energy efficiency through the internet and your smartphones.

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