With so many things to think about at home and at work, you tend to forget about your furnace until it starts giving noticeable signs of shabbiness. There are issues which only need simple adjustment on the component but there are also those which require you to hire a Biloxi, MS heating and cooling technician for solutions. Here are 3 of the most reported furnace concerns in the area:

  1. Why is my furnace clicking?
  2. Loose inducer. A motor-powered fan or inducer helps push out smoke and fumes. You will hear a clicking noise when it becomes loose or there is grime build up on the fan blades. Call a professional for help to calibrate the components especially when you are still enjoying the system warranty.
  3. Worn motor bearing. Using your furnace constantly for a long period of time may cause the motor bearing to wear out. It is important to address the issue immediately to prevent further damage in the system.
  4. Gas valve problem. If the clicking does not follow a pattern, the culprit may lie in the gas valve. You may need a home meter replacement which should be done only by your gas company’s professional.
  5. Why is my furnace blowing cold air?
  6. Replace air filters. Dirty filters restrict air flow, causing the unit to overheat. If this happens, the safety control is activated and the burner is turned off. As a result, the blower needs to cool down the surface by blowing in cool air. Have a regular air filter change to prevent overheating and expensive system repairs.
  7. Check the thermostat setting. If the thermostat is set to ON mode, it keeps on blowing even if it is no longer heating the air. Be sure to set the thermostat to “Auto” mode.
  8. Pilot light problems. If the problem is a failing pilot light, you may need to ask a professional for help. The gas may not be properly flowing into the furnace or dirt may have accumulated in the pilot light. A professional technician knows just what to do.
  9. Why is my furnace leaking water?
  10. Condensation leak. If you notice water pools around your furnace, the problem may be a clogged or broken condensate drain or a failing condensate pump. Sometimes it is also caused by the installing of an incorrectly sized flue pipe.

Whatever the problem is, you can always count on the experts at North Bay Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us if your HVAC units need a professional diagnosis and repair.