Spring is the season of clear skies and new beginnings but if you are one of the many allergy sufferers in Biloxi, MS, this also means nonstop sneezing, itching and congestion. Luckily, you can save yourself from all these sufferings. Find out some helpful ways to alleviate spring allergies.

Dust regularly.

You can get rid of allergies by dusting and vacuum cleaning your home regularly. Pet dander, dust mites and pollen are the most common home allergens which can be reduced with home cleaning routines. Using a damp cloth, start removing dirt on the HVAC vents and registers and continue to the other parts of the house.

Take precautions against allergens.

Pollen can get in and out of your home easily. If you are living with people who are prone to allergies, do them a small favor by leaving the pollen and dust at the door. Do not bring your shoes inside and take a shower before lying in bed to get rid of the pollen stuck in your hair. You can also do your outdoor exercises later in the day when pollen counts are lower.

Invest in high-quality air filters.

Regular air filter replacement is important if you want to keep allergens at bay. High quality air filters are best recommended by experts to ensure full defense when it comes to your indoor air quality but see to it that the efficiency of your HVAC system is compromised. Be sure to check them regularly and replace or clean them every three months, or more often.

Be attentive to pollen reports.

It is tempting to let all the doors and windows wide-open during spring season so that fresh air can enter. Airing out your home however can bring great risks to allergy sufferers. It is important to listen on pollen reports so you can keep your door and windows closed when there is high level of allergens outside.

Install a dehumidifier.

When spring arrives, your home is prone to high humidity level which means greater chances of mold, mildew and dust mites. A whole-home dehumidifier can help in keeping humidity at the right level.

Schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment.

Spring is the best time to contact your trusted HVAC technician and have your air conditioning unit tuned-up. You can also ask suggestions on how you can improve the filtration system to keep your indoor air healthy all year-round.

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