The ductworks are instrumental figures in the operation of your heating and cooling system. They are responsible for distributing air to the different parts of your home. But with leaks, holes, and improper connections, the ducts cannot play their role correctly. Moreover, leaky ducts can contribute to branching problems in your home comfort system’s operation.

Check out these five bothersome effects of leaky ductwork in your home.

  1. Increases Your Energy Bill Steeply

Leaky ducts allow the heated or cooled air to escape through the holes and cracks leaving your home with insufficient comfort. To reach the temperature set in your thermostat, your HVAC system needs to work harder and longer, which in turn gives you a high energy bill to pay.

  1. Leads to Expensive HVAC-Related Repairs

With all those leaks and holes in the ducts, you are drawing yourself nearer to the chances of expensive system repairs. The leaks allow dust and dirt buildup in the unit which leads to early system breakdown. Additionally, too much pressure can cause the components of your system to fail over time.

  1. Contributes to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor IAQ can be very alarming especially if you live with people who are prone to allergies and respiratory illnesses. The leaky ducts suck up all the dust, dirt and other contaminants around the attics and crawl spaces and blow them all in the vents of your home. Dirt accumulation leads to poor indoor air quality and triggers health issues among family members.

  1. Clogs the Filters Fast

Since your heating and cooling system continuously blows dust and other air particles because of leaky ducts, your air filters are in alarming condition. You may need to clean or replace the filters frequently or else; you will be faced with poor indoor air quality and high energy bill.

  1. Creates Hot and Cold Spots

Temperature imbalance happens in any closed environment with leaking ductwork. This is because some of the heated or cooled air is wasted in the ducts. With this, you will feel inadequate comfort in that specific room.

Duct sealing is a complicated procedure and may require a professional hand. In this case, you will need the experts at North Bay Heating & Air. We specialize in duct cleaning and other HVAC-related problems. Call us, and we will get the job done fast.