Summer is such a beautiful season, but it also comes with scorching heat. Thanks to air conditioning units, you will be able to survive the red-hot summer months in Biloxi, MS. But, running your air conditioning units in full performance can also lead to great expense. Luckily, North Bay Heating and Air can help you stay comfortable during the season without breaking your bank. Check out these four easy tips for lesser A/C cost.

  1. Use Natural Shading

One way to cut cost on your cooling bills is to plant trees and other greens around your home. Professionals recommend placing a 15-20 feet tall tree to shade your home from direct sunlight. This will help your air conditioning unit to work more efficiently in cooling your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, trees are a big help in improving your unit’s efficiency by 10%. And not just that you will enjoy a cozy indoor atmosphere, you have also played an important part in saving the environment.

  1. Program your Air Conditioning Unit

Properly setting your thermostat can help you save energy and prevent conditioned air from getting wasted. You can start by programming the thermostat a bit higher when you are not around. No one will be using the conditioned air anyways. This will give you about 5-15% savings on your energy consumption. If you are in for thermostat upgrades, we can help you find the best choice and even recommend hi-tech equipment that will allow you to program your thermostat from your phone or laptop.

  1. Use Fan for Additional Cooling

Fans can help cool your home or office fast so there will be lesser stress for your air conditioning unit. By circulating the air all over the place, fans help in reducing the energy consumed by your unit for the operation.  For better airflow inside your home or building, we recommend putting a fan upstairs and opening windows downstairs.

  1. Schedule Regular A/C Maintenance Service

The most important thing that you can do to reduce your cooling cost is by keeping a regular maintenance schedule with your trusted HVAC technician. A professional inspection and treatment will keep your unit’s efficiency and even expand its lifespan.

Professional HVAC maintenance is an easy job with North Bay Heating and Air. Our skilled professionals are geared with knowledge, skills, and experience in working with all makes and models of air conditioning unit. You can count on us to keep your air conditioners running at full performance all year-round. Schedule an appointment with us today!