Your central air conditioner in Biloxi, MS may sometimes work erratically. One day it works fine and then suddenly it acts up. And when this happens, it means there’s something wrong with your unit—something that can potentially reduce your system’s lifespan.

Here are five factors that can affect the average lifespan of your air conditioning system:

Picking a Low-Quality Brand

Your choice of an HVAC brand matters a lot! Typically, high-quality air conditioners from known brands have longer lifespans and better performance than low-quality systems. We recommend you choose systems offered by industry-leading manufacturers such as Rheem.

Wrong Size

Have you already picked a good brand but your home still feel uncomfortable? The problem probably lies in the size of A/C you’re using! Larger units tend to short cycle when the cooling demand is met, while smaller ones may find it hard to keep up with the required cooling loads. Either of these scenarios has a relative impact on your unit’s overall performance and longevity.

Poor Installation Service

The quality of installation is another factor that can affect your system’s lifespan. If your unit is positioned in a wrong location or the components are not properly attached, it might not work for a longer period. Contact a licensed and skilled technician in Biloxi, MS for expert installation.

Constant Operation

With your HVAC system running all day and all night long, wear and tear can be inevitable. And when such problems come up, repairs should be done immediately. Letting your unit work with malfunctioning parts can affect its performance and eventually reduce its lifespan. This is where inspection and maintenance become essential.

Lack of Maintenance

Maintenance plays an essential role in your unit’s performance and longevity. Just like other appliances, your air conditioner also needs regular inspection and maintenance to keep it working at its best performance and extend its service life. Talk with your local A/C company in Biloxi, MS to learn more about preventive maintenance plans.

Turn to our experts at North Bay Heating & Air and we’ll help you make informed decisions—from unit purchase and installation to preventive maintenance.