Ceiling fans have never gone out of style! Many homeowners believe that these paddle fans make a great accompaniment to their air conditioning units in Biloxi, MS. What do you think? Does running the A/C and the ceiling fan at the same time can really help increase comfort and energy savings?

Here’s the truth!

Improves Your Overall Comfort

Running your ceiling fans together with your A/C can actually help improve your comfort. The moving air can help vaporize your sweat and eliminate the heat from your body faster. You will also be exposed to continuously circulating conditioned air as they create wind chills indoors. Additionally, the conditioned air will be brought further to areas where it usually cannot reach.

Lowers Your Monthly Utility Bills

Did you know that you can lower your cooling costs by using the ceiling fan/air conditioner combo? Your central air conditioner typically costs 43 cents per hour while your ceiling fan costs about one cent per hour to run. It is possible for you to reduce your A/C costs by 17 cents per hour when you set your thermostat four degrees higher. This gives you overall savings of 16 cents when you subtract the cost to run your ceiling fan.

Let’s say you’re running your unit for about six hours per day. With our calculation, you can save nearly $30 per month without losing the desired comfort in your home. After all, running your ceiling fan and A/C together makes a significant difference in your savings.

Reduces Strains in the Unit

Ceiling fans ideally circulate the conditioned air from your A/C and make you feel even more comfortable. For this reason, you can be encouraged to set your thermostat a few degrees higher. This helps your unit, particularly the compressor to reduce its duration cycle by 10%, reducing the stress from it as it works. It also helps reduce the carbon footprint in your home.

No Cooling Commitment in Less Occupied Rooms

Remember, ceiling fans don’t actually cool the room, but make you feel cooler with the air chill effects it provides. This means that whether or not you have an air conditioner is a less occupied room, running your ceiling fan in it is a complete waste of energy. Just like your lights, you should switch your ceiling fan on when you enter that room and turn it off when you leave. This is another way to save energy.

Does running your unit and ceiling fan together bring benefits? Definitely, YES! If you want to learn more about how your air conditioner works or you need an A/C repair in Biloxi, MS, contact North Bay Heating & Air today.