It is almost impossible to ignore ventilation if you are serious about obtaining a healthy and comfortable living space in the cold months. Ventilation can improve airtightness and ensure to extract stale air to give you a renewed and healthy breathing space. While the benefits seem obvious, many homeowners still look at it as an added expense and keep asking “why ventilate?”

To give light to that question, here are the reasons why installing a ventilation system in your home is important:

Reduce the Impact of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
VOCs come from different sources, including air fresheners, cosmetics, and other cleaning products that you use inside your home. While reducing the use of these products seem helpful to lessen the indoor air pollutants, it is still best to install a ventilation system to completely control the level of VOCs inside your living space.

Prevent Condensation
Condensation is the leading cause of dampness and if this problem remained unchecked, chances are black mold might build up. Condensation commonly takes place during winter when the outdoor air is lower than the indoor air. Help increase the moisture level and improve your indoor air quality by installing a ventilation system.

Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh
Ventilators can help keep your home fresh, relaxing and pleasant throughout the season. The unit helps prevent your indoor air from becoming stale and filthy. Worrying about your home’s current design? Do not mind it; ventilators can perfectly do its job no matter the size and shape of your home.

Reduce the Symptoms of Asthma
Asthma can be fatal especially if the person is constantly exposed to pollution. While there are lots of stimuli that trigger asthma, molds are considered to be on top. They are associated with cigarette smoke, pollution, dampness, and household dust mites that can cause the attack and even make the problem worse. To help reduce asthma symptoms and the attacks less frequent, it is best to install a ventilation system.

Prevent Radon Gas Concentrations
Radon gas is a natural substance formed by the uranium decay found in soils and rocks. This gas is often linked to lung cancer cases in many countries. To prevent radon gas build-up and reduce the risk of lung cancer, homeowners are advised to improve their home’s ventilation, particularly in the under-floor section. This is incredibly important if you live in an area that contains high level of radon gas.

If you believe your indoor air quality and health are at risk, do not delay calling the professionals. Northbay Heating & Air can help secure the air you breathe through expert diagnosis and product recommendations. Call us today!