Do you keep sneezing, coughing and sometimes wheezing inside your home? Even if your house seems clean, you’re still bothered by your allergy symptoms. The culprit probably lies in the air you breathe. Fortunately, there are DIY test kits that you can use to determine what types of pollutants are present in your indoor air.

Types of DIY Indoor Air Test Kits

Uniquely designed to test specific air pollutants, indoor air quality testing kits comes with different types. You can choose which to use depending on the pollutant you suspect your home to have.

Allergen Test Kits. Identify the most common indoor allergens such as mold spores, insect fragments and pollen. If you think there are large concentrations of dust mite and fibers in your home, you can use Dust Mite Test Kits and Fiberglass Test Kits.

Mold Test Kits. The favorite breeding spots of molds are the basements, attics and crawl spaces. You can also find them in your bathrooms and carpets. Using Toxic Mold Test Kits, you can determine the presence of two of the most common toxic molds. This needs immediate removal to prevent greater damage to one’s health.

Formaldehyde Test Kits. Formaldehyde is hazardous to human health. These kits help in detecting large concentrations of airborne formaldehyde in your home.

Organic Vapor Test Kits. Harmful organic chemical and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can mix with your indoor air. These pollutants can cause dizziness, severe headache, nausea and increase the risk of cancer. Organic Vapor Test Kits can identify 40 known organic chemicals and over 50 VOCs inside your home.

Lead Test Kits. Exposure to lead particles can greatly affect one’s health. Lead Test Kits detect and identify even a small concentration of lead on the surface of your home.

Benefits of Indoor Air Testing

Breathe Easy. An indoor air testing is the best way to guarantee that you’re sharing a clean and healthy indoor air with your family.

Diminish Bad Odors. Large amount of pollutants can give your home a musty smell. An indoor air inspection can detect the cause of these odors and give proper procedures to remove them.

Proper solution is given. Indoor air tests can help determine the specific type of pollutant present in your home. With this, you can provide proper solution and address the problem correctly.

In case you need a professional help in keeping your indoor air quality as high as possible, you can count on the experts at North Bay Heating and Air.