We can’t deny the fact that air vents sometimes get in the way of our interior design plans. To create the house idea that you want, you might think that blocking one or two won’t be an issue. That’s not just what it is. In fact, this mistake can greatly affect your heating and cooling system and the entire home comfort.

Air Flow Restriction

Some air vents are found on the floor and are covered by carpets. They may look more comfortable and pleasing but they can adversely affect your HVAC system. Air vents pull air which your system needs. If there are carpets and rugs that are blocking the vents, insufficient amount of air will be delivered in your system which can cause greater condensation and ice formation in the unit.

Furniture are usually placed near vents, blocking proper airflow. When managing the interior design of your home, be sure not to block these parts of your HVAC system. You might get problems with the temperature you feel inside your home and it can also affect the interior operation of your system.

Increased Humidity

Blocked air vents reduce the amount of air required for your system to run effectively. This can cause greater condensation thus increasing humidity inside. More than the right amount of moisture in the air is detrimental to your furniture and appliances. This can also increase the growth of molds which are nearly impossible to remove in fabrics.

Pressure Imbalance

Blocking the vents can lead to pressure imbalance. This means that your system has to work harder than usual but still cools the air ineffectively. There is also a chance that units overheat and start a fire. If this continues, you might get a severe hike in your energy bill or you might be facing real expense on house and system repair and replacement.

Vents also need space.

Be sure to allow 10 inches of space or more from the furniture that you will place near the supply or return vents. Move rugs and carpets and make curtains shorter so as not to get into the way of the vents located on or near the floor.

Instead of blocking your vents, invest on custom grilles and radiator cover to fit the interior design of your home and secure safety from curious hands.