Almost 70% of households in Biloxi, MS share their homes with their pets. While we enjoy the company of our “fluffy”, “furry” and “fuzzy” friends, the pet dander, pet hairs and dust they leave in our homes bring havoc to our indoor air quality.

Instead of getting rid of these sweet companions, you just clean up their mess. Since we care about your well-being and that of your pets, here are helpful tips you can use to maintain healthy indoor air while having fun with your fury buddies.

Pet Dander

While most think that pet dander is just tiny flakes of animal skin scattered everywhere and can be taken care of by just simple cleaning, you’re completely wrong. The fact that they are very tiny makes them even easier to be circulated in your indoor air and even harder to eliminate. Pet urines, feces and saliva also cause allergies to humans. They can result in allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Pet Hair

Hairs are just what make our little pets look cuddlier. However, they also make a great challenge for your HVAC systems. Even the shortest hair or fur, can clog air filters and may hinder proper functioning. Air filters are important components of your units to maintain a healthy indoor air inside. Pet hair can hinder its operation and may bring a lot of stress to the entire system.

What Should Be Done?

Start by investing in a whole home air filtration system. This is a great strategy to combat as much as 99% of airborne particles such as allergens.

Don’t ever skip HVAC maintenance, especially air filter replacement. Replace filters at least twice a year, but if you have pets with you, do it more often. Plus, make sure to clean you ductwork. There’s no use for a new air filter if your ducts are filled with pet dander and pet hairs.

Lastly, you should clean your pets regularly including the areas where they stay. Bathing and brushing can get rid of dust and dander accumulated in their hair. Vacuum your home and furniture using models with HEPA filter. They prevent dander and pet hair from being spread in the air.

At North Bay Heating and Air, we offer high-quality solutions for your comfort needs, such as keeping the air clean with pets inside.