At North Bay Heating & Air, we want you to stay comfortable while saving money on your energy bills all year round. That’s our special gift for you this holiday season!

We do that by providing quality products and services and educating you on how you can keep your comfort system working in peak efficiency and performance.

So let’s start the Christmas and New Year countdown with these five HVAC tips:

Change Your Air Filter

The holiday season is a time for a family gathering; and if you’re holding a party this year, then changing your air filter should be on your home preparation task list. Not only does it keep your guests healthy, but it also provides your HVAC a fresh start in the New Year.

Keep Decors Away from Your Vent

One amazing thing we love about the Christmas and New Year is the colorful decorations hanging in our home. The spirit of the holiday isn’t complete without them. It is important to note, however, that those attractive decorations can impede proper airflow when placed in front or near your vent and register.

Give Your Components Enough Room to Breathe

We bet your Christmas decorating doesn’t end indoors. While decorating the outside of your home adds a huge impact on the Christmas spirit, it is not a good idea when your outdoor unit is at stake. Be sure to keep the outdoor Christmas trees, lanterns, lights, and snowman away from your outdoor unit. The system needs to have at least three feet clearance to work smoothly and properly.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Ditch your old HVAC system and gift yourself a new one this holiday season. Modern units are more reliable and energy-efficient than your old, malfunctioning unit that does nothing but consuming a huge part of your savings. With a new unit, you’ll enjoy optimum comfort and bigger savings for many holidays to come.

Invest In HVAC Tune-Up

Take your HVAC maintenance to a whole new level by investing in our HVAC maintenance agreement. You can expect service discounts, priority scheduling, air quality assessment, and more when you choose our plans. Take advantage of our holiday offers and enjoy an efficiently-working unit all year round.

From our North Bay Heating & Air family to yours, we wish you a joyful and prosperous holiday. All we want for you is to have a stress-free and comfortable Christmas and New Year in your Biloxi, MS home.

Contact us if something bothers your comfort this holiday!