One major HVAC problem that troubles most homeowners is the leaking of water in their furnaces. Typically, you will only hear water noises as part of its operation, but seeing leaks on the floor is a different story. To lessen your worries, we outlined the top reasons why your furnace leaks.

Furnace Condensation

There are waterways for condensation in high efficiency furnaces which prevent water sprinkles on the floor. If you experience water leaks, the tubing on your condensation might be cracked, clogged, or sized inaccurately. This problem may also arise when there’s clogging in your floor drain causing water outflow.

Drippy Humidifier

Another reason why your furnace leaks is a leaky humidifier. Part of the operation of your furnace is having it connected to your plumbing system to add moisture in the air. If your humidifier is cracked or clogged, it allows water to escape from your plumbing system towards the furnace, giving you the perception that your furnace has water leaks.

Clogged Pipes

There are times that you think your furnace is dripping water when it’s not. Sometimes, the unsecured water pipes, or clogged plumbing pipes near your furnace caused the leak on the floor making it appear like it’s coming from your furnaces. It is always good to check the pipes for damages.

Blocked Internal Drain

There is a possibility that your internal gutter gets blocked which causes water to flow from your furnace. It can cause damages to the other parts, so it’s better to consult a heating and cooling specialist to avoid future problems.

Heat Exchanger Issue

When you can no longer identify the cause of the water leak in your furnace, it’s time to let your HVAC contractor analyze the situation. The problem might be on your heat exchanger. It is one of the most expensive issues to fix which can lead to replacement of your furnace.

While it’s good to have basic knowledge why your furnace leaks, it is still better to have your heating and cooling specialist inspect the situation. You’ve made a great investment in your furnace, but trying to fix the issue yourself might causes bigger problems on the system.

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