Let us guess: you are planning to buy a new furnace but you don’t know which one to pick. Basically, you can choose a more expensive furnace with a variable speed blower, or go for the less expensive counterpart which is the multi-speed type. We’ll give you a brief comparison of these two furnaces to help you make up your mind.

Single Speed Furnace

A singe speed or single stage furnace, as the name implies, has only single setting. Whenever it’s turned on, it operates at full blast regardless of the outdoor temperature. You can’t always count on the efficiency of a single speed furnace because it always runs at full capacity to provide as higher energy level as possible.

Variable Speed Furnace

On the other hand, a variable speed furnace doesn’t actual refer to the unit itself but to its indoor blower motor. In this furnace model, the blower motor runs at various speeds in order to better control the flow of heated air to your indoor space. It’s more efficient than the single speed counterpart because it can constantly monitor and adjust the blower settings in order to balance airflow, thus saving you money an energy. A variable speed furnace is a good option for zoning, which enables you to program your thermostat on different settings for different parts of your house.

Why is a variable speed furnace a better choice?

Improved Air Quality

Regardless whether or not the unit is on, the motor can constantly operate to circulate the desired air in your home round the clock. This means that more air goes through the unit’s filter thus removing more bacteria, contaminants, mold spores, and viruses in there.

Higher Efficiency

A variable speed model provides improved comfort as it solves the problem of temperature swings. This type of furnace is designed with precise comfort technology that automatically adjusts the heat and airflow from your unit.

Quiet Operation

If you’re looking for a quiet furnace, a variable speed type is for you. It operates on a lower setting most of the time, so the required heat is lower which removes the need to run at full blast every time it’s turned on. This furnace uses sound-proof materials to dampen sound.

If you can afford, buy a variable speed furnace because its main selling point is COMFORT.