The rising temperature calls for high humidity and lots of indoor air quality problems. One of which is mold build up on the corners of your walls, on the ceilings and in other moist areas of the house. Good thing, your air conditioning system can help you prevent the damages of these disastrous fungi.

How A/C Prevents Mold Growth

Your air conditioning system helps you control the temperature and humidity inside your home, so it will not be as high as the outside. The recommended temperature setting for A/C units during the summer season is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. It is important that the relative humidity in your home be maintained and should not exceed 50%.

Modern air conditioning units can dehumidify and cool your home at the same time. However, temperature and humidity are not independently controlled so it still pays off to purchase a stand-alone dehumidifier for situations when humidity levels inside are at peak. You can also set the air conditioning fan mode to “Auto” instead of “On”. When it is set to “on”, the moisture produced by your air conditioning unit during its operation will be blown back and into your home.

Additionally, when you are planning to buy an air conditioning unit, we recommend units with SEER 14 or more. These A/C systems have an enhanced moisture removal feature which helps to effectively reduce humidity. It is also important that you choose the right size for your home. An over sized unit cycles for a short amount of time leaving moisture inside your home. Be sure to ask your trusted HVAC professional to perform load calculation to properly get the right size of A/C which matches the demands of your home.

How Maintenance Helps?

Mold growth can also be caused by skipping your regular HVAC maintenance schedules. When your air conditioning unit is deprived of proper maintenance check, it performs ineffectively, allowing indoor air problems to occur. Some important maintenance activities that you should not forget to prevent mold buildup in your home are filter cleaning and replacement, cleaning coils and condensations drains, and professional air duct cleaning.

You are probably aware of the health risks caused by molds. If you suspect the presence of these indoor air contaminants in your Biloxi, MS home, ask immediate help from the professionals at North Bay Heating and Air Conditioning. You can count on our professionals to diagnose the issue and provide proper solutions to improve your comfort.