Heat pumps are more efficient than other heating units. No wonder they have become the choice of many homeowners in Biloxi, MS for home heating. One of the components that make the unit efficient is the fan coil. It is vital for the fan coil to stay in good shape to maintain the unit’s efficiency.

Read on to know more about the fan coil and understand why buying a new one can improve your heat pump’s efficiency.

What Is A Fan Coil?

A fan coil is a part of your HVAC system, which heats the air in the winter. It works as your unit’s heat exchanger, which uses refrigerant and water to transfer the heat into the air. In most cases, fan coils can be used on equipment like ductless heat pumps since they are not connected to traditional ventilation. Building owners can also use them in conjunction with their standard HVAC systems to have another heating source.

What Efficiency Issues Are Common with Fan Coils?

Many problems may come into play when your fan coil is improperly-maintained or old. The wiring connections may become loose or faulty, the debris may accumulate on the coil, and the motor may lack lubricant. When this happens, you need to repair the coil or replace it with a new one.

How A New Fan Coil Can Reduce Your Energy Use?

Increase the SEER Rating

The fan coil plays a vital role in determining your heat pump’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. A higher rating means greater efficiency. If you own an old heat pump, its SEER rating might have declined over the years. It’s best to invest in a new fan coil to give your unit a boost and lower your energy use.

Make the Most of Variable Speed

Variable speed fans have changed the way homeowners use their units. Upgrading your fan coil gives your unit’s motor the ability to work at a low level most of the time. This means less stress and lower heating costs.

Need a New Fan Coil? Contact Us!

Fan coils are generally important for the heat pump’s proper operation. When they fail, your unit may start working inefficiently and your home won’t get enough heat. It can cause discomfort and increase your heating bills.

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