Ductless air conditioners in Biloxi, MS have become the most practical cooling options for homes without ducts or homeowners who have limited space for standard A/C installation. But like the other types of A/Cs, ductless units also need proper care to maintain their performance for many years to come.

Here are the maintenance tips for your ductless air conditioning system:

Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

Free your outdoor unit from debris, fallen leaves, and dust to make sure it’s in the best shape during the cooling process. Swipe down the unit with a damp cloth or safe chemical cleaner. Also, don’t forget to clean the outside portion of your vents as dirt can also accumulate there. These simple steps can help reduce your energy cost and lower the chances of breakdowns in the future.

Give Your Unit Enough Breathing Space

Your ductless A/C can work best when not congested. Be sure to remove large furniture or appliances near it, as these things can cause the dust to accumulate and hinder your unit’s proper operation. Give your unit at least three feet clearance in every direction to make sure it will work properly.

Clean Your Air Filters

Your air filter is one of the components that play an essential role to keep your unit running in peak performance and your indoor air quality high. Without proper maintenance, your air filter can decrease your unit’s efficiency and spread harmful airborne contaminants indoors. To clean your filter, gently remove it from your unit and use a clean cloth to wipe dust and dirt on it. Check your manufacturer’s manual or contact your local A/C company in Biloxi, MS for proper cleaning.

Clean Your Pipes

Your pipes are the pathways used by your outdoor and indoor component to pass the cool air into your rooms. Without regular inspection and cleaning, dust, dirt, and other tiny debris can accumulate and obstruct the air from going into your home. Be sure to take a look at your pipes regularly to ensure they are clear of dirt.

Schedule Your Duct Maintenance Service

While simple things such as changing your filter can be done on your own, you will still want to hire a professional air conditioning service in Biloxi, MS to ensure everything in your unit is working properly. If you consider this last tip, then you came to the right place.

Here at North Bay Heating & Air, we have a team of expert cooling specialists who are dedicated to making your home comfortable. When it comes to ductless A/Cs units, repair, and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to talk to us when you have problems with your unit.