Summer in Biloxi, MS is unquestionably hot and sticky, and it’s a good thing that your A/C is there to the rescue. While we need optimum cooling through the dog days of summer, it can be annoying when your unit runs non-stop or short cycles on its own. Don’t let the problem put a damper on your comfort.

Read on to know the common causes of a constantly running A/C and ways to fix them.

Improperly Sized Unit

The way your air conditioners work has something to do with their sizes. Too small units may find it hard to cool your home, while the larger ones may cool your space too fast and short cycles after meeting the cooling demand.

This problem, however, can be resolved by a correct installation method and properly sized A/C. Call the best air conditioning company in Biloxi, MS, for expert assistance.

Dirty Coils

Dirt and debris that cover your coils can reduce the airflow or block the air, diminishing your unit’s best performance and causing it to run constantly.

Keep this problem at bay by scheduling an annual A/C repair in Biloxi, MS. Your service technician will perform a complete system inspection and repair (including cleaning of your evaporator and condenser coils) to keep your unit in best possible shape.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

If your A/C seems to work non-stop, one of the culprits could be a failing thermostat. It could be possible that your home already reached the desired temperature, but your thermostat does not register the actual temperature conditions. This scenario causes your unit to run constantly.

To spot and fix this problem, try using another thermostat in the same location and see if it shows a different temperature reading. Check the device’ settings as well. If none of these work, call the pros.

Air Filter is Not Replaced

Your cooling system will constantly run when your air filter is clogged with dirt and debris. To sustain the cool, your air handler will work harder to compensate for the optimum amount of conditioned air, resulting in continuous operation of your unit and often, overheating. Solve this simple problem with a simple solution. Replace your filter whenever necessary.

This coming hot season, there’s nothing better than keeping your home cool. So when you see early signs of problems, address them to the experts for an immediate solution. Contact us at North Bay Heating & Air for a fast and reliable A/C repair in Biloxi, MS.