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home insulation
home insulation

home insulation

Biloxi Mississippi doesn’t really have extremely cold winters, but the summers are long and warm and we use a lot of air conditioning. In both case, when an HVAC system is being used, and you don’t want a high power bill, good insulation is a wise idea. As a local AC company, we can offer you some tips on how to insulate your home effectively.

The age of your home will be the determining factor on how well insulated your home is. Older homes were built to maximize air flow, allowing for cool air to flow freely and for heat generated by fireplaces and woodstoves to warm the house. Now that we have HVAC systems in place, the lack of insulation and attic spaces with no insulation, means that your HVAC system has to work really hard to fight against this. Even if insulation was used, it was normally of poor quality.

People have been surprised while renovating old houses to see a wide variety of materials used such as paper and moss! Now, you have several choices for insulation, each one coming with different properties to suit your house and climate. An insulating expert can help you determine which one will be more efficient for your needs. Use weather stripping around your doors and windows for a better thermal seal. Plastic sheeting can be applied to your windows adding an extra layer of insulation. If it’s in your budget and your windows are over 40 years old, consider pricing new windows and see if the money saved on your power bill would pay for the windows over time.

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