What exactly is central air conditioning? It is a term that gets used a lot by consumers and HVAC professionals so let’s explain what it really means. A central air conditioning system is a method of cooling and heating air before pushing it through a building using ductwork.  Blowers push out cold air and excess heat and humidity is vented outside.

The main component of the system is usually placed outside to eliminate any disturbance from noise. Think of it as being the complete opposite from individual air conditioning, window units and heating units that only cool or heat one room at a time. While most homes now have central air conditioning and heating, it is safe to say the majority of businesses do. The larger the building, the more critical is the need for a central system.

This is due to the simple fact of people putting off body heat and respiration causing a buildup of moisture. A well-functioning central air conditioning system allows people to work in a comfortable environment, therefore being a catalyst for increased productivity. A central system gives the consumer more control over true temperature settings when compared to an individual unit system.

This also allows you to be more economical and save energy by carefully managing your thermostat. Here in Biloxi Mississippi, where the summers are hot, Northbay Heating and Air knows how a non-working central air conditioning system can quickly ruin a workday! Please contact Northbay Heating and Air with any questions you have about central air conditioning. We would enjoy helping you choose a central air conditioning system, or even install an upgrade for you.