A heat pump or furnace is the driving force within your forced air heating system. To prevent problems with your furnace, Northbay in Biloxi recommends having it inspected by a professional at least once a year. In between inspections, we suggest some preventative maintenance. Whenever you perform work on your furnace it is a wise idea to turn it off at the power source for safety.

This can include cleaning around the blower of the furnace so debris doesn’t become a problem. If you are comfortable, you can even pull out the fan unit and clean the blades of the fan by gently scrubbing them or vacuuming them. As always, don’t underestimate the effect of a dirty filter on your system. They should be changed every couple of months. Most new furnaces are powered by electronic ignition, older models use combustion fuels and will have a pilot light.

If a pilot light will not stay lit, it normally means the flame is on a low setting or could be clogged. Some common furnace problems are obstruction of the warm air being produced, which can be as simple as the vents in rooms not being open or blocked by furniture and the thermostat not being set correctly. The circuit could have tripped or a fuse blown. Sometime, we tend to overlook simple solutions for our problems. If you are still experiencing..? furnace problems after following these hints, consider calling a technician at Northbay in Biloxi for heating repair and we will send a technician out to investigate why your system is out of balance.