UV lights are becoming more popular nowadays. Many homeowners in Biloxi, MS are using this simple yet effective device to prevent airborne bacteria from circulating indoors and improve their air quality. Still not convinced?

Read on to know the reasons why installing a UV light in your HVAC system is essential.

Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

It’s no secret that mold, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants are the biggest contributor to poor indoor air. Since you spend most of your time indoors, you need to have a reliable partner to keep these viruses at bay. With UV lights installed in your HVAC system, you and your family can immediately benefit from improved IAQ and cleaner breathing space.

Increases the Airflow

Airflow is one of the most important factors that keep your home cool this summer. If your air conditioning unit in Biloxi, MS is clogged with debris and dirt, it cannot provide the comfort you demand from it.

While replacing your air filter regularly helps address this problem, it won’t do so much to help increase airflow. Adding a UV light can offer your A/C a serious boost to ensure that your home achieves optimal airflow throughout.

Destroys Microorganisms

Apart from debris in the air filter, proper airflow is also affected when your coil is clogged with microorganisms. Your last resort to achieve the desired temperature would be running your unit for an extended period. Cleaning your coils regularly and installing a UV light can help destroy microorganisms that prevent your unit from operating properly and providing smooth airflow.

Decreases Your Energy Costs

When your unit effectively provides improved airflow, and it works in peak performance, chances are your energy cost will be steady and remain low. Adding UV lights in your HVAC system is a win-win solution, as they help your unit work in tip-top shape, ensuring to consume less energy throughout the operation.

Removes VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds are found all over your home. They have a direct effect on the quality of the air you breathe indoors, meaning they can impact your health too. But did you know that you can dramatically reduce the existing amount of VOCs inside your home by installing a UV light in your comfort system? Yes, you read it right! So install your own UV light today and enjoy this added benefit in your home.

Adding a UV light in your existing HVAC system in Biloxi, MS brings irresistible benefits to your health, comfort, and savings. Here at North Bay Heating & Air, you can find a wide variety of UV lights for your current HVAC system. Talk to us, and we’ll be glad to help you.