When wintertime steps in, you find yourself staying more inside your home. You probably think that it’ll be much safer inside but honestly speaking, indoor air quality is a lot worse than the outside, especially during the cold season.  Northbay Heat & Air is concerned about this so to help you keep your indoor air quality healthy, here are important considerations you don’t want to miss.

Keep Your Registers and Vents Clean

The air that goes in and out of your HVAC system passes through these openings so it’s important to keep them clean at all times. Dust and dirt can gather in your vents and registers and may be blown to the different parts of your home.  With the use of a flexible duster or the wand attachment on your vacuum, you can easily get the job done in no time.

Clean the Ceiling Fan Blades

The use of ceiling fans bring greater possibility for air and other pollutants to be distributed in your home. Clean the fan blades just how you clean your vents. While you’re at it, you may want to reverse the movement of the fan to allow warm air to circulate so you can set the thermostat a bit lower and save energy.

Replace Filters Regularly

This is an important consideration a homeowner should never forget. Especially in the winter season when you got to spend more time inside your home with your furry pets, air filters can easily be filled up. Air filter replacement will not just keep your indoor air healthy but reduces strain in your unit as well.

Invest in an Air Filtration System

A whole house filtration system is a smart way to combat air pollutants and other allergy-causing particles in your indoor air. This helps filter out those microscopic particles that your air filters failed to screen.

Schedule a Professional Duct Cleaning

Dust and other airborne particles that can pollute your indoor air commonly gather in your duct. This is probably the worst place for these air pollutants to stay. Professional duct cleaning is the best solution to disinfect and clean your ducts for the long cold season.

Learn more about the basic maintenance and some advanced mechanisms to purify the air inside our home. Give your lungs some TLC by maintaining a clean and healthy air to breathe this winter season. Contact us at North Bay Heating & Air for more IAQ tips.