Do you have an old furnace at home? If your answer is YES, then today is the best time to schedule an inspection to see if it can still last throughout the cold season. This is a great way to avoid paying high energy bills and getting stuck in a chilly room with a faulty heating system.

Here are the signs you should replace your furnace this winter:

Age of the Unit

Furnace replacement is unquestionably a big investment, but if your unit is about to reach the end of its lifespan, don’t hesitate to buy a new one and replace it. The ideal lifespan of your furnace is fifteen to twenty years (with consistent maintenance). If yours is almost on its last leg, get ready to shop around for a newer furnace.

Electric and Gas Bill Increases

The increasing prices of electric and gas energy are not the only reason for high monthly bills. Your furnace also loses its efficiency due to old age, especially without proper or regular maintenance. So, if you frequently receive high energy bill each month, replace it and make sure to sign up for regular maintenance for your new unit.

Burner Produces Yellow Flame

A properly working furnace produces a blue flame. But if you notice yellow flickers as it operates, it means there is something wrong with it. Besides the age of your furnace, this could also mean your unit is producing carbon monoxide, which is among the leading causes of accidental death in the country. Avoid this problem by replacing your out-dated furnace unit.

Your Home Gets Extremely Dusty and Dry

Your old furnace unit may lose its ability to clean and moisturize your indoor environment. The air inside your home may feel stale and stuffy. Also, if someone inside your home suffers from allergy or asthma, dirty and dry air could trigger their health conditions. So, if you notice your unit loses its ability to provide good indoor air quality, replace it and invest in IAQ products.

Frequent Repairs

Your furnace needs some repair at some point of its lifespan. But if you notice you are calling your technician more frequent than before, then it might signal that you need a replacement. The increased repair can put a dent in your budget. Think of how much you spend on the repair and if it costs almost 50% of the new heating system’s price, then go for a replacement.

This season, make sure that you and your family are getting the best of what your furnace unit has to offer. Our team at North Bay Heating & Air can inspect your unit and recommend so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. Set your appointment with us today!