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Smart Thermostat Enhances Award-Winning Underfloor Heating System

Smart Thermostat Enhances Award-Winning Underfloor Heating System
Some manufacturers had recently announced the launching of their award-winning, brand new smart thermostats that claim to improve the electric underfloor heating. These new systems feature a Wi-Fi enabled functionality just like the typical temperature-controlling device.  However, they differ on their modern functionalities and features. Here’s how these award-winning thermostats enhance your underfloor heating system:
  • Adjustable Floor Heating Using Your Smartphone
Do you know that you can intuitively and easily adjust your floor heating with a gadget you know best? Using your smartphone connected to the internet, controlling your floor heating is now at your fingertips. If your internet is down, do not worry, you can still operate the device locally.
  • Modern and Discreet Design
These award-winning smart thermostats are created to fit every home’s interior style and design. Inspired by the classic design, their modern and discreet design with square touchscreen displays make their forms minimalistic and unique from all angles.
  • Improved Energy Savings
With a smart application, you can conveniently schedule your floor heating based on the comfort demands of your family. These smart thermostats can even adapt to climate’s condition and learn when to turn on and off the heating, resulting in reduced energy consumption and improved savings on your utility bill.
  • Private and Secured Cloud Connection
The control of the mobile app communicates through a private and safe cloud network that is based on the same security used in mobile banking apps. There is no need to worry because all your personal information is safe in the cloud at all times.
  • Control Your Thermostats in Various Locations
The mobile app that comes with the device allows you to stay in control of all thermostats’ function in different locations of your home. This provides you convenience and peace of mind anytime, anywhere.
  • Blends with Modern Living
Award-winning smart thermostats bring control for the system to meet the expectations of modern homeowners. These devices can work even more effective than the typical thermostats, and no matter how busy you are they can always complement with your lifestyle to bring convenience and reliability. If you need a revolutionary wireless control for your electric underfloor heating, then consider these award-winning smart thermostats for your home or business space. But before buying, consider asking assistance from the experts to avoid buyer’s remorse in the future. If you have questions or you need expert installation of these smart thermostats, feel free to contact us at Northbay Heating & Air and we’ll get the job done for you.

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