Cooling your Biloxi, MS home in the summer can be expensive when you ignore the proper care for your air conditioning unit. Cooling systems can run inefficiently when not maintained regularly. As a homeowner, we recommend you to stay on top of your A/C maintenance tasks to keep your home cool and your bills low.

Take a look at these spring A/C maintenance tips from our pros at North Bay Heating & Air:

Change Your Air Filter

You may have heard this a million times, but replacing your air filter regularly can do wonders in keeping your bills low. Change your filter at least once every three months or whenever needed. Doing so won’t just reduce your energy consumption but also prevent the occurrence of illnesses caused by contaminants in your indoor air.

Check and Clean Your Duct

Ductwork inspection and cleaning have come a long way in helping homeowners save energy and improve their indoor air quality. Cracks and gaps may have formed in your duct over time, causing the conditioned air to leak out. Also, debris may have accumulated there, which make your indoor air dirty. Have your duct checked and cleaned by the experts regularly to combat high cooling bills and poor IAQ.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats in Biloxi, MS can help you curb your energy consumption and even extend the service life of your air conditioning system. Installing one in your home does a big help to your savings and comfort. As it regulates your indoor temperature in the summer, it also reduces the strain received by your unit while working. Talk to your trusted comfort specialists to know more about programmable thermostats.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit has sat idle during the long cold months. Take time to check it and remove any obstruction you see around. Loose twigs, thick bushes, tiny leaves, and other nearby debris can obstruct your unit’s proper operation. It’s also advised to bring in an expert A/C technician in Biloxi, MS to check your outdoor component for proper diagnosis.

Schedule a Preventive Maintenance

Even the most knowledgeable homeowners can’t handle all the care their A/C needs. For your air conditioning maintenance in Biloxi, MS, contact the pros of North Bay Heating & Air. We have the experience, expertise, and tools needed to maintain your cooling system professionally.

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll surely thank yourself later.  If you need more HVAC tips or expert services this spring and summer, feel free to contact North Bay Heating & Air.