During the scorching summer days, homeowners in Biloxi, MS are dependent on their air conditioning system to stay comfortable. However, running your unit throughout the day results in higher utility costs.

One of the best solutions to save energy is through insulation. Doing it right will lower your energy bills while keeping the cool air in. Read on to know which part of your house needs to be insulated for effective cooling.


The attic is arguably the most important part of the house that needs insulation. During the harsh summer, your attic insulation can help reduce the heat gain through your ceiling and living space. It helps block the heat so it won’t enter your home, resulting in cooler space and lower utility costs. Ideally, spray, batt, and blown-in insulation are the best options you can have for your attic.


Insulating your walls can effectively help reduce the energy consumption when your air conditioning system cools down your home. As a result, your utility bill is reduced. Besides the money-saving benefit, wall insulation can also give you privacy and protection against outside noises. It will provide you with uninterrupted time with your loved ones inside your insulated shelter.


You may never know this, but insulating your basement can give you the extra benefit of maintaining and retaining the indoor temperature of your home in the summer. Also, insulation in your basement can offer your family an extended living space because it makes the lower ground room more comfortable.


The heat generated by your home might rise to your attic, but you should know that much of the conditioned air is lost through the flooring. This can be possible in unheated areas like the flooring in your basement and garage. By opting for floor insulation, you can adequately protect the produced cooled air by your cooling system. Also, if you have a multilevel home, insulation can help block the noises that came from different floors.

As you can see, insulation can help you save money on energy bills without giving your air conditioning unit a hard time to cool your home.

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