Spring calls for family picnics, flower blooms and short sleeve T-shirts. However, not everyone can enjoy this experience due to spring allergens circulated in homes giving season of sniffing and itch. Pollens and dust can get pass your windows and doors anytime disturbing the good air quality of your home. Here are ways to prevent spring allergies from causing trouble to your family.

Change your air filter regularly.

Your HVAC air filter protects your home from dust, pollens and other airborne particles. However, it gets cloudy and dusty after time. Dirty air filters can affect the function of your HVAC system and may cause you allergies and other respiratory infections.  Changing them every month or sooner is necessary to maintain good air quality in your home.

Keep your vents dust-free.

Vents and registers are mostly located along the floor, so most homeowners are forgetting to clean these parts. Dust in your air conditioning vents can be circulated throughout your home and may cause allergies. You can use microfiber cloth and wet rags to clean your vents to eliminate harmful particles.

Keep your coils clean.

The favorite spots of molds and mildews are wet and dark surfaces. Your HVAC evaporating coils are target places of these allergens because of the moisture produced during condensation. Cleaning your unit coils on a regular basis can prevent mold growth. You can also choose to install an ultraviolet lamp around your evaporator coil.

Clean your air duct.

A clean air filter can definitely reduce allergy cases in your home, though in some cases, allergens can be found in your ductworks. And in this case, replacing your air filter is not enough. You need to have a thorough cleaning of your ductworks. Dust can be hiding in this area and can be blown to the different parts of your home.

Have a regular HVAC tune up.

HVAC maintenance is needed to guarantee that your unit is in its full functional state. It does not just ensure that your system is working efficiently, but it also maintains healthy indoor air quality. While can always contact your local heating and cooling contractor to do the job, there are also DIY maintenance tasks to keep your HVAC units up and running.

Consider these easy tricks to make the most of your allergy-free spring season. For your heating and cooling needs, you can count on the experts at North Bay Heat and Air.