Our HVAC systems, especially the outdoor units, are built to resist the damages caused by the changing weather including heavy rain. They are typically made of aluminum, copper and metal assembled together to endure the effects of even extreme rainfall while effectively cooling your home. While heavy rain alone will not damage your air conditioning system, weathers related to it might cause the problems.

Electrical circuits can be damaged by floods.

Rainfall won’t harm your unit, but when water flooding hits it, that’s when possible damages take place. If your place is prone to water level rise, install your unit at safer heights. If water reaches the mechanical parts of your AC and the electrical circuits, let an HVAC technician conduct an inspection first before turning it on.

Wind causes debris to get in your unit.

After the storm, most likely the problem with your air conditioning unit is not caused by the heavy downpour of rain, but the tree branches and other debris knocked into the condenser fan grille by wind. It can also cause leaves to get stocked inside your unit and affect its proper functioning. Have your AC be checked inside and out before using it.

Your AC invites animals seeking for shelter during bad weathers.

The dropping of temperature during the storm causes animals to look for shelters to stay and the metal box of your AC looks so inviting for them. Animals may live in your AC and they can cause trouble in your unit as much as wind and rain do. These small animals’ wastes can cause blockages in the system and they might see the wires as delicious snacks.

Covering the outdoor unit can cause internal corrosion.

If you are one of those who think that the best way to protect your outdoor unit from the storm is by wrapping it, well you should make sure to get a cover with opening for proper ventilation. This is what most homeowners don’t know. An air-tight enclosure is not recommended since unlike rainfall which dries eventually, moisture is trapped inside the system and may cause the components to rot and the metals to rust.

If you have problems with your air conditioning system, feel free to consult the experts at Northbay Heating and Air. We will send our certified technicians to inspect and do necessary fixing on your HVAC system to ensure its safety after the long wet days.