Recently, furnaces have become so automatic! When you turn them on, they immediately blow warm air and provide a delightful relief on a dreadful winter day. However, your unit can also break your comfort when you skip the proper maintenance that it needs.

Remember, an annual tune-up is an integral part of your unit’s existence—and here are the reasons why:

Prevents the Risk of Poisoning

Your furnace produces heat by burning fuel. If the combustion process is not precise due to cracks and leaks, you and your family could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Avoid the risk by scheduling an annual tune-up. Let the pros inspect and repair any problem on your gas burner, gas valve, and heat exchanger.

Ensures Proper Airflow and Performance

Your furnace performs best when the airflow is sufficient. When you notice limited air coming into your home, something might be wrong with your system. Restricted airflow causes additional stress on your unit, resulting in costly repairs and shorter service life. By scheduling an annual tune-up, your technician will inspect every piece of the unit to ensure proper performance. 

Increases Energy Efficiency

Homeowners want to lower their energy usage and utility bills—and that is possible only with an annual tune-up. HVAC maintenance service includes inspection, cleaning, and repair of your unit’s vital parts to keep the wear and tear at bay. Maintaining your unit’s proper operation surely gives you the added benefit of reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills.

Improves Service Life

Your furnace needs continuous care to extend its life, and you can give it in the form of annual maintenance. Anything that disrupts your unit’s proper operation can reduce its longevity. But with annual tune-up service, all parts are inspected, cleaned, and repaired. Also, any potential problem should be addressed immediately before it causes too much trouble, both in your savings and comfort.

Keeps Your Warranty Valid

Getting an annual furnace tune-up is vital when your unit is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. Your manufacturer can void the warranty when they find out your unit isn’t properly maintained. You can only keep your warranty intact by having an annual tune-up with professional technicians.

Are you ready to enjoy all the amazing benefits that come with annual furnace tune-up? Contact North Bay Heating & Air today!