Packaged HVAC systems are typically installed outdoors or on the rooftop. Since they are hidden or placed in a hard-to-reach location, homeowners can’t see them easily, making them oftentimes overlooked. Don’t let this be the last year of your packaged unit.

Include these preventive maintenance tasks on your to-do list for easy reference:

Check Your Filter

Inspect your unit’s air filters every three to four weeks and make sure to replace or clean them when needed. Remember, dirty filters don’t just block the proper airflow and cause discomfort in your home, but also cause a dramatic spike on your utility bills.

Check Your Blower and Motor

Inspect you blower wheel housing and motor regularly. These components play a crucial role in the air handling system since they’re the ones drawing fresh air into your home. It’s always advised to keep them clean for good air filtration process.

Check and Lubricate the Moving Parts

Check your bearings, motors, belts, and pulleys regularly. Excessive tension can put a strain on your bearing and motor, and worn belts can cause slipping and intermittent operation. Also, bearings that are not lubricated properly tend to seize and overheat. Be sure to implement the right maintenance for these crucial parts.

Inspect Your Economizer

Schedule an annual cycle inspection to make sure that your dampers, actuators, and temperature sensors are working properly. The service might also include spotting loose wiring, loose electrical connections, and corroded wires.

Change the Blower Belt

Check and change your blower belt annually. Your unit’s blower belt is a component that often encounters wear and tear. This simply means that you need to check and change it regularly to keep your unit working in the best performance.

Conduct an Annual Amperage Check

High amperage can be caused by high suction pressure, which signals a refrigeration issue. Also, if your unit draws more than 10% of the equipment’s amps rating, mechanical issue and overloading may occur.

Schedule an Operational Check

The job includes inspection and adjustment of your refrigerant charge. Your technician may more likely add your refrigerant when it reaches an insufficient level. The service will also include checking of your unit’s gas pressure (should be following your manufacturer’s guidelines).

Just like central air conditioners, your packaged HVAC system also requires regular maintenance to keep it working in peak efficiency. Don’t ignore the care your unit deserves!

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