Springtime Energy-Saving Tips for Your Biloxi, MS Home

Spring brings a perfect opportunity for you to get your Biloxi, MS home ready for the new season. Begin your preparation with these tips from our professionals and your pocket will thank you for paying low utility bills in the future.

Here are the springtime energy-saving tips for your Biloxi, MS home:

Seal Your Ductwork

Air loss through your ductwork can lead to increased energy cost, accounting for approximately 30% of your air conditioning’s energy consumption. Sealing and insulating your ductwork can go a long way toward reducing your energy consumption.

Open Your Windows

Enjoy the natural ventilation by allowing some fresh air to get in. Opening your window can create a cross-breeze effect that flows naturally and cools down your body. If you are living in an area where the temperature drops during night time, open your window and turn off your A/C to save energy.

Use Ceiling Fans

By cooling your home using your ceiling fans, you can raise your thermostat’s temperature by up to 4 degrees. Ceiling fans help push the air throughout your home and create a cooling effect on your body. If you don’t have ceiling fans, you can use the oscillating fans as an alternative.

Open Your Curtain

Allow the sunshine to get inside your home by opening your curtains. Turn off the artificial light during the day and use your window to brighten your home naturally. Opening your curtain will surely help reduce your lighting energy consumption.

Use Your Heat-Producing Appliances in the Morning

You can also manage your indoor temperature and help your A/C work efficiently by using your heat-generating devices at the right time. Some chores like running your washer and dryer, cooking foods, and ironing are best done in the morning or evening if the sun is low. Doing these tasks at noon will just add another layer of heat inside your home.

Install Window Treatments

Energy-efficient window coverings like shades, blinds, and films can also reduce the amount of heat that gets inside your home when the sun is high. These window treatments do not just enhance the appeal of your home, but also lower your energy consumption.

Seal the Gaps and Cracks

Gaps and cracks around your windows and doors can contribute to higher energy bills. They can allow your conditioned air to escape and even let the hot outdoor air to get in. Be sure to check your doors and windows and seal them using weather-stripping or caulk sealant.

Saving energy this spring is simple if you follow these easy and effective steps. Together with these tips, however, you have to make sure that you schedule a regular A/C maintenance with the pro to secure the overall health of your unit. With that, we can help! Contact us at North Bay Heating & Air today!

Cracking the Code Between Smart Building Technology and HVAC

Buildings consume about 40% of the energy in the world, and out of this percentage, HVAC systems are known to be the largest energy consumers. But with the help of smart building solutions that are equipped with automated controls, decision-supporting software, and multiple technologies, building owners are now given a chance to save energy while maintaining their systems’ overall performance.

Here are the benefits of integrating smart building technology with your current commercial HVAC system:

Energy Efficiency

Smart buildings consider different energy-saving policies in their structure. They apply smart devices in different locations of the facility so that adjusting and controlling energy consumption can be made even easier and more efficient. Smart buildings provide automatic optimization and tracking of their HVAC systems’ energy consumption through a centralized dashboard. This makes tracking energy usage and making energy-saving solutions possible in their system.

Advanced Analytics

The analytics provided by the system can be used to show a visual graph of different techniques for energy savings. Building owners can identify what causes their energy to rise and this can be achieved through powerful analytics engines which use various algorithms and rules to highlight the energy-saving measures. Predictive analytics proficiently predict the energy consumption trends of the building in the future based on the historical data acquired.

Reduced Energy Waste

Reduced energy waste is among the most significant benefits offered by smart building solutions. This is achieved by identifying, collecting, and aggregating data from the building’s heating and cooling system. The good thing about this is that you do not have to set up an automated structure, system, utility, and weather data collection from your management system to feed into smart building solutions. Most data is stored in the cloud so you can process them in a safer way.

Preventive Maintenance

Smart building solutions provide a reliable solution to address early signs of damage so you can resolve them before they become major issues. For instance, the solution send alerts if you need air filter replacement or if the airflow is compromised. Upon receiving notification, you can immediately act to solve the problem. The alarm management ranks these alerts and notifications so you know which work should be done first.

Automating and regulating your comfort system can be a complex job. But if you understand how smart building solutions work and you do it right, you can achieve the best possible result.

To get updates on industry news like this, take time check our page or call us at North Bay Heating & Air for more information.

The Perfect Temperature Setting For Spring

After the long cold winter, we can finally look forward to more exciting park strolls, zoo visits, and many enjoyable outdoor trips. Guess what; the spring is fast approaching! However, the advent of the new season is not just about making outdoor moments with your loved ones; it also means finding the most efficient yet comfortable temperature setting indoors.

If you do not know where to begin, take a look at these temperature setting tips for spring:

Use Your Ceiling Fans

In the warmer weather, you can take advantage of your ceiling fans’ blown air by rotating them counter-clockwise. If you switched their rotations to clockwise last winter, be sure to reverse them this spring season. They can help create a cool breeze. Their windchill can make you feel like you are getting 5 degrees cooler than the actual home temperature. After all, setting your temperature to 73 degrees is much better than 78 degrees.

Use Your Heat-Producing Devices at the Right Time

You can also manage your indoor temperature and supplement your cooling system by using household heat-producing devices at the right time. The chores like cooking foods, ironing clothes, and running dryer and washer are best done in the morning or evening when the sun is low. By doing so, you do not need to run your thermostat to combat the heat from the sun and your appliances.

Invest in High-Efficiency LED Bulbs

One of the easy fixes to manage your indoor temperature is investing in highly efficient LED or halogen light bulbs. They may cost more than the typical incandescent bulb, but they are worth buying when it comes to efficiency, comfort, and savings. LED bulbs only use one-tenth of the electric energy consumed by incandescent bulbs. They do not even emit heat, which makes them a valuable option compared to incandescent bulbs that produce 90% heat and only 10% light with the energy used.

Cover Your Windows

One of the factors that contribute to too much heat inside your home is the direct sunlight. Block the sun and cover your windows using blackouts or good window treatments to prevent the radiant heat transfer. This keeps the invasive heat of the sun out, helping your thermostat regulate the most efficient and comfortable temperature for your space.

If you are interested in discovering more energy-saving tips this spring season or you just want to understand more about how you can efficiently run your thermostat, don’t hesitate to call our team at North Bay Heating & Air. Contact us today.

Indoor Air Can Be Deadlier Than Outdoor Air, Research Shows

According to the study published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, pollution indoors can be worse than outdoors. Fungal spores, smoke, and chemicals from by-products are discovered to have harmful effects on human’s health.

“Pollution has several sources,” said Prashant Kumar, a study co-author of the University of Surrey. “They could have negative effects on the air quality, and many of them are found inside homes and offices. From fungal spores and varnishes to paints and cooking residues, the air you breathe in your living or working space can be dirtier than outdoor air.”

Poor IAQ Killed Millions of People Worldwide

People living in cities spend nearly 90% of their time indoors and possibly breathe in air pollutants that circulate in the surface. While some airborne contaminants do not cause much harm to health, others are extremely deadly. Many of them have caused accidental death to a significant number of people worldwide.

The World Health Organization said that cooking indoors using biomass-burning stoves or coal killed up to 4.3 million people in 2012. This figure is much higher compared to 3.7 million deaths caused by outdoor air pollution recorded in the same year. This makes indoor pollutant one of the alarming health threats for humans nowadays.

There is also a phenomenon called “sick-building syndrome,” a condition that causes symptoms of sickness to people who spend most of their time on a polluted building.

Environmental Sensors for IAQ Monitoring

Communities, of course, can do some precautionary measures to prevent this problem from happening.

Scientists from Europe and Australia are calling for more significant efforts to monitor indoor pollutants in real-time. In their study, they have noted that environmental sensors can be used to address the problem. Besides bringing positive health effects, these devices are relatively cost-effective, efficient, and easy to install in any building.

Researchers said that deployment of sensors could provide critical data about the quality of the air in the surface. However, they have acknowledged some technical challenges using sensors: it might not be sensitive enough to detect low chemical concentrations, and there are a few questions about its capability to handle a substantial amount of collected data.

Secure Your IAQ with State-of-the-Art Solutions

With poor indoor air quality, your home can become a life-threatening place for you and your family. Raise your indoor air quality level with our IAQ products and services. Our team at North Bay Heat & Heat offers customized solutions for all your IAQ needs and helps make your home a safe place to live. Call us today!

15 Interesting Facts about HVAC Systems

Admit it, HVAC systems is not the topic you always speak with your family and friends about every day. Not all people find it as interesting as latest smartphone models or new restaurants in town to be a part of a regular conversation. But by any chance you want to impress someone with your HVAC know hows, this is an excellent place to start.

Here are the fifteen (15) interesting facts about HVAC systems:

  1. Over one million air conditioners were sold in the United States in 1953.
  2. In 80 AD, Ding Huan, an artisan in China made a 10-foot rotary fan containing seven connected wheels. This ancient A/C can cool down an entire room.
  3. If air conditioners were not invented, some medicines created and stored in a cool environment could have never been made.
  4. Movie theaters are hot during summer. Theater owners observed that this is the season of low profit as well. That is why they installed a cooling solution in the 1920s not only to make their audience comfortable but to invite more profits as well.
  5. As of now, the average families are spending approximately $2,000 for their yearly bills, which half of the cost goes to heating and cooling use.
  6. Furnaces are first used indoors by the Romans in 1200 BC.
  7. Window A/Cs only cost $350 in the 1940s. Today, you can not buy the equipment if you do not have $3,500 in your pocket.
  8. Your HVAC unit may become less efficient if not given regular maintenance. Not just any maintenance you know; you need a professional one.
  9. We, humans, reduced our heat tolerance due to our reliance on air conditioners, study shows.
  10. The energy consumption of the U.S. for A/C alone can light up the entire continent of Africa. Wait… what?
  11. Air conditioners do not cool down the house. Instead, they remove the heat revolving in the surface.
  12. To help the Governor of the Bank of England grow grapes in cold temperature, he installed a steam heating unit. This is the first steam heating unit installed in the country.
  13. Packard is the first automobile company to use A/C in their manufactured cars in 1936.
  14. Many commercial and government offices took two-month vacations during summer when A/C was not yet known.
  15. Homes with moister air feel warmer than those with low humidity.

Gone are the days when we have to face the extreme cold of winters and sweltering hot of summers. Today, we are lucky that we are living in a world where comfort can be accessed through a turn of a switch or a tap of a finger.

Be in the know about the interesting and fun HVAC facts by calling us at North Bay Heating & Air. Speak with us today!

Why Building Owners Should Invest in Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Commercial buildings that use old HVAC systems face higher operating costs and greater energy consumption. Outdated equipment may frequently break down which results in unscheduled repairs and unexpected downtime. This chaos may also lead to reduced productivity, lower sales, and an uncomfortable working environment. Why settle for less if you can upgrade to a new system?

Here’s why you should invest in energy efficient HVAC systems for your commercial building:

Efficient Operation

Considering that 44% of the energy produced by commercial buildings is used for heating and cooling, it would be ideal to upgrade your old HVAC equipment to high-efficient systems to save energy and money. The savings you get can help offset other increasing budgetary expenses in your building without compromising your occupants’ comfort.

Better Health for Your Employee

The EPA and other independent organizations have determined that indoor air in offices is more polluted than the outdoor air. Pollen, viruses, mold, and other airborne contaminants can thrive in older systems, but installing modern HVAC equipment helps eliminate these harmful microorganisms and give you a safer and cleaner breathing space. Newer units have edge filtration, anti-microbial and eradication technology, and other helpful features that prevent the distribution and growth of bacteria.

Enhance Business Marketability

Environmental friendly and energy-efficient HVAC systems are two of the main considerations when looking for office space for lease. Besides comfort, leaseholders are also concerned about their ecological impact so they can become reliable partners in sustaining the building and preserving the fossil fuel. So, if you want to attract more leasers in your building, consider upgrading to high-efficiency HVAC systems.

Fast Return of Investment and Lifetime Savings

The National Institute of Building Sciences stated that the typical payback for a high-efficiency HVAC system in a commercial building is 3 to 5 years. In this period, building owners can get an annual reduction of up to 30% on utility expenses used in HVAC systems. After 7 years, they can save up to 40% energy or more, with a thermostat set between 70 to 76 degrees in the entire year.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Environment regulations are becoming stricter nowadays, and commercial building operators need to start plans for long-term sustainability. One of the proven ways to remain compliant with environmental rule and energy standard is to use high-efficient HVAC equipment that reduces the building’s carbon footprint.

Investing in high-efficient HVAC equipment offers long-term benefits not only for you but for occupants as well. Now, if you think you have been using out-dated and old comfort equipment, replace it. At Northbay Heating & Air, you can find a wide variety of high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment that suits your building. Browse through our products or call us for more information.

Smart Thermostat Enhances Award-Winning Underfloor Heating System

Some manufacturers had recently announced the launching of their award-winning, brand new smart thermostats that claim to improve the electric underfloor heating. These new systems feature a Wi-Fi enabled functionality just like the typical temperature-controlling device.  However, they differ on their modern functionalities and features.

Here’s how these award-winning thermostats enhance your underfloor heating system:

  • Adjustable Floor Heating Using Your Smartphone

Do you know that you can intuitively and easily adjust your floor heating with a gadget you know best? Using your smartphone connected to the internet, controlling your floor heating is now at your fingertips. If your internet is down, do not worry, you can still operate the device locally.

  • Modern and Discreet Design

These award-winning smart thermostats are created to fit every home’s interior style and design. Inspired by the classic design, their modern and discreet design with square touchscreen displays make their forms minimalistic and unique from all angles.

  • Improved Energy Savings

With a smart application, you can conveniently schedule your floor heating based on the comfort demands of your family. These smart thermostats can even adapt to climate’s condition and learn when to turn on and off the heating, resulting in reduced energy consumption and improved savings on your utility bill.

  • Private and Secured Cloud Connection

The control of the mobile app communicates through a private and safe cloud network that is based on the same security used in mobile banking apps. There is no need to worry because all your personal information is safe in the cloud at all times.

  • Control Your Thermostats in Various Locations

The mobile app that comes with the device allows you to stay in control of all thermostats’ function in different locations of your home. This provides you convenience and peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

  • Blends with Modern Living

Award-winning smart thermostats bring control for the system to meet the expectations of modern homeowners. These devices can work even more effective than the typical thermostats, and no matter how busy you are they can always complement with your lifestyle to bring convenience and reliability.

If you need a revolutionary wireless control for your electric underfloor heating, then consider these award-winning smart thermostats for your home or business space. But before buying, consider asking assistance from the experts to avoid buyer’s remorse in the future. If you have questions or you need expert installation of these smart thermostats, feel free to contact us at Northbay Heating & Air and we’ll get the job done for you.

Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace This Winter

Do you have an old furnace at home? If your answer is YES, then today is the best time to schedule an inspection to see if it can still last throughout the cold season. This is a great way to avoid paying high energy bills and getting stuck in a chilly room with a faulty heating system.

Here are the signs you should replace your furnace this winter:

Age of the Unit

Furnace replacement is unquestionably a big investment, but if your unit is about to reach the end of its lifespan, don’t hesitate to buy a new one and replace it. The ideal lifespan of your furnace is fifteen to twenty years (with consistent maintenance). If yours is almost on its last leg, get ready to shop around for a newer furnace.

Electric and Gas Bill Increases

The increasing prices of electric and gas energy are not the only reason for high monthly bills. Your furnace also loses its efficiency due to old age, especially without proper or regular maintenance. So, if you frequently receive high energy bill each month, replace it and make sure to sign up for regular maintenance for your new unit.

Burner Produces Yellow Flame

A properly working furnace produces a blue flame. But if you notice yellow flickers as it operates, it means there is something wrong with it. Besides the age of your furnace, this could also mean your unit is producing carbon monoxide, which is among the leading causes of accidental death in the country. Avoid this problem by replacing your out-dated furnace unit.

Your Home Gets Extremely Dusty and Dry

Your old furnace unit may lose its ability to clean and moisturize your indoor environment. The air inside your home may feel stale and stuffy. Also, if someone inside your home suffers from allergy or asthma, dirty and dry air could trigger their health conditions. So, if you notice your unit loses its ability to provide good indoor air quality, replace it and invest in IAQ products.

Frequent Repairs

Your furnace needs some repair at some point of its lifespan. But if you notice you are calling your technician more frequent than before, then it might signal that you need a replacement. The increased repair can put a dent in your budget. Think of how much you spend on the repair and if it costs almost 50% of the new heating system’s price, then go for a replacement.

This season, make sure that you and your family are getting the best of what your furnace unit has to offer. Our team at North Bay Heating & Air can inspect your unit and recommend so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. Set your appointment with us today!

Getting a Second Opinion Before Replacing Your Heating System

Your heating unit won’t last forever. You need to replace it ideally after fifteen ten to fifteen years to get the most of your heating system. But is it enough to assume when to replace your heating system? Definitely not! You need a second opinion from the experts.

Reasons Why Second Opinion is Important

While heating unit replacement sounds exciting for the others, some homeowners who are not ready to shell out some cash for new investment may find this idea worrying. But whether or not your heating unit needs replacement, a second opinion can help you find the best solution for home comfort. Here are the reasons why a second opinion is necessary:

  • Gives you a second eye on the problems. Experts can help you address the issue and solve them right away. They have eyes for everything that you missed out.
  • Provides you a point of reference. With expert’s second opinion for heating unit replacement, you can determine the other factors that you may never consider before.
  • Helps you feel confident in making the right decision. A second opinion can help you decide better before making a major purchase. Professionals can assist you whether your unit only needs repair or a replacement. When buying a new heating system, you can get recommendations from experts that help you achieve efficient heating in the long cold months.

How Does a Second Opinion Work?

Your goal for asking a second opinion is to acquire quotes that you feel comfortable of paying. That is why it is important that you are getting the right service from a skilled and qualified contractor. Here’s how it works:

  1. Before you commit to a heating replacement, you need to schedule an appointment by calling your local HVAC company.
  2. At a given date, your company will dispatch a certified and qualified technician to your house and check your heating unit.
  3. If your unit needs a replacement, your technician will discuss the estimated quote for the They will also check if you have successfully complied with the HVAC rules.
  4. Your technician can give options, help you compare apples-to-apples, and give you enough time to ask.
  5. Once you finally decided to replace your unit, your technician comes back to your place to assist you with other matters like product purchase and installation.

Our Biloxi, MS professionals can offer estimates and unit assessment if you are not sure of how to replace your HVAC system. Call us at Northbay Heating & Air today.

Why Professional Furnace Installation is Important This Fall?

You cannot just assume that everything inside your home is a DIY task. As a homeowner, you should set limits on the things you do and remember that there are qualified people out there willing to help you with all your needs. Just like installing a new furnace this fall, you might need a professional installer to safely do the job. Remember that a professionally installed furnace can help improve efficiency, longevity, and performance of your unit.

Here are the five sure reasons why professional furnace installation is important this fall:

Right Installation Tools and Equipment

Professional installers and technicians make sure that when they arrive at your place, they bring a complete set of tools needed for the installation. Take note that each part of your unit requires a specific tool and each tool has its specific function. If you lack the idea of using them, you may end up damaging your unit in the middle of the installation process.

Knowledge about Proper Installation

Your furnace unit is comprised of complex parts that function together and if one of them runs faulty due to poor installation, you might have to face costly repairs soon. Leave the job to the professionals since they are qualified and they have solid knowledge about almost every aspect of HVAC system. Save yourself from a lot of worries by calling your local technician today!

Exceptional Skills

When you need to install a new furnace, you need to call a skilled installer to get the job done. Professionals have certifications that prove they can expertly handle the installation process. They are well-trained to give reliable solution to any of your heating and cooling needs.

Labor Warranty

Did you know that you can get a labor warranty when you opt for professional furnace installation? This warranty saves you some cash because when your unit fails to operate in the future, your local technician will come to fix the problem without a charge. Just think of the cost you have to face when you decide to install the unit by yourself.

Safe Installation

Your furnace unit has complex electrical components that if not properly connected can cause costly damage to you and your unit. To ensure proper installation and safe operation, let the local installers do the job for you.

Your furnace is among the most expensive equipment at home. Would you just let it fall into wrong hands when doing an installation and wait for the costly consequences later on? Of course, not! That is why we are here to help make your furnace installation a success. Call our team at Northbay Heating & Air to install your heating system this fall season.