How HVAC Innovation Changed Our Daily Lives?

The HVAC industry has come a long way! We have witnessed a great transformation in how the heating and cooling products are enhanced and how they keep our homes and businesses more comfortable. All these improvements have changed the way we live. Nowadays, we’re lucky to use comfort equipment that is more efficient, durable, and can perform better.

Here’s how HVAC innovation changed our daily lives:

Better Control of Your Indoor Temperature

Gone are the days when you have to manually adjust and re-adjust your thermostat when the new season arrives. Before programmable and smart thermostats come into the picture, many homes and businesses need to crank up and down their thermostat to get a desirable temperature.

Nowadays, innovations that come with programmable and smart thermostats make adjusting the temperature much easier and more convenient. Programmable thermostats let you set your temperature according to your schedules to save energy, whereas smart thermostats come with sensors that detect temperature (and activities) throughout the building and make the necessary adjustments without the need of manual setting.

Provides Updates when Repairs are Necessary

Do you want to know your HVAC system’s condition in the future? That’s possible with the latest innovation in HVAC technology. Sensors have been created in A/Cs, furnaces, and other HVAC equipment to help you monitor the condition of your unit before damages take place.

This technology is capable of predicting system failure before they come to life. When it sensed some problems, it will immediately send you alerts. For most homeowners and business operators who want to be more proactive about minor repairs and prevent them from becoming problematic in the future, this innovation is a real breakthrough for you.

Offers Zoned Heating and Cooling

It’s no secret that cooling or heating a large home or business is relatively expensive. You might be forced to cool or heat the entire building with equal temperature level even if some of the rooms are not in use or some occupants have a varying comfort requirement.

With a zoning system, this is no longer a problem. This innovation can help you control the temperature in all areas of the building. You can turn down the temperature in some rooms that are rarely used or make a particular area much cooler or hotter when other occupants wish to. This indeed leads to better comfort and greater efficiency.

Stay tuned for more updates and news about the HVAC industry. Contact us at North Bay Heating & Air for more information.

Maintenance Tips for Ductless Air Conditioners

Ductless air conditioners in Biloxi, MS have become the most practical cooling options for homes without ducts or homeowners who have limited space for standard A/C installation. But like the other types of ACs, ductless units also need proper care to maintain their performance for many years to come.

Here are the maintenance tips for your ductless air conditioning system:

Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

Free your outdoor unit from debris, fallen leaves, and dust to make sure it’s in the best shape during the cooling process. Swipe down the unit with a damp cloth or safe chemical cleaner. Also, don’t forget to clean the outside portion of your vents as dirt can also accumulate there. These simple steps can help reduce your energy cost and lower the chances of breakdowns in the future.

Give Your Unit Enough Breathing Space

Your ductless A/C can work best when not congested. Be sure to remove large furniture or appliances near it, as these things can cause the dust to accumulate and hinder your unit’s proper operation. Give your unit at least three feet clearance in every direction to make sure it will work properly.

Clean Your Air Filters

Your air filter is one of the components that play an essential role to keep your unit running in peak performance and your indoor air quality high. Without proper maintenance, your air filter can decrease your unit’s efficiency and spread harmful airborne contaminants indoors. To clean your filter, gently remove it from your unit and use a clean cloth to wipe dust and dirt on it. Check your manufacturer’s manual or contact your local A/C company in Biloxi, MS for proper cleaning.

Clean Your Pipes

Your pipes are the pathways used by your outdoor and indoor component to pass the cool air into your rooms. Without regular inspection and cleaning, dust, dirt, and other tiny debris can accumulate and obstruct the air from going into your home. Be sure to take a look at your pipes regularly to ensure they are clear of dirt.

Schedule Your Duct Maintenance Service

While simple things such as changing your filter can be done on your own, you will still want to hire a professional air conditioning service in Biloxi, MS to ensure everything in your unit is working properly. If you consider this last tip, then you came to the right place.

Here at North Bay Heating & Air, we have a team of expert cooling specialists who are dedicated to making your home comfortable. When it comes to ductless A/Cs units, repair, and maintenance, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to talk to us when you have problems with your unit.

Common Causes of a Constantly Running A/C and Ways to Fix Them

Summer in Biloxi, MS is unquestionably hot and sticky, and it’s a good thing that your A/C is there to the rescue. While we need optimum cooling through the dog days of summer, it can be annoying when your unit runs non-stop or short cycles on its own. Don’t let the problem put a damper on your comfort.

Read on to know the common causes of a constantly running A/C and ways to fix them.

Improperly Sized Unit

The way your air conditioners work has something to do with their sizes. Too small units may find it hard to cool your home, while the larger ones may cool your space too fast and short cycles after meeting the cooling demand.

This problem, however, can be resolved by a correct installation method and properly sized A/C. Call the best air conditioning company in Biloxi, MS, for expert assistance.

Dirty Coils

Dirt and debris that cover your coils can reduce the airflow or block the air, diminishing your unit’s best performance and causing it to run constantly.

Keep this problem at bay by scheduling an annual A/C repair in Biloxi, MS. Your service technician will perform a complete system inspection and repair (including cleaning of your evaporator and condenser coils) to keep your unit in best possible shape.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

If your A/C seems to work non-stop, one of the culprits could be a failing thermostat. It could be possible that your home already reached the desired temperature, but your thermostat does not register the actual temperature conditions. This scenario causes your unit to run constantly.

To spot and fix this problem, try using another thermostat in the same location and see if it shows a different temperature reading. Check the device’ settings as well. If none of these work, call the pros.

Air Filter is Not Replaced

Your cooling system will constantly run when your air filter is clogged with dirt and debris. To sustain the cool, your air handler will work harder to compensate for the optimum amount of conditioned air, resulting in continuous operation of your unit and often, overheating. Solve this simple problem with a simple solution. Replace your filter whenever necessary.

This coming hot season, there’s nothing better than keeping your home cool. So when you see early signs of problems, address them to the experts for an immediate solution. Contact us at North Bay Heating & Air for a fast and reliable A/C repair in Biloxi, MS.

Reasons to Install UV Lights in Your HVAC System

UV lights are becoming more popular nowadays. Many homeowners in Biloxi, MS are using this simple yet effective device to prevent airborne bacteria from circulating indoors and improve their air quality. Still not convinced?

Read on to know the reasons why installing a UV light in your HVAC system is essential.

Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

It’s no secret that mold, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants are the biggest contributor to poor indoor air. Since you spend most of your time indoors, you need to have a reliable partner to keep these viruses at bay. With UV lights installed in your HVAC system, you and your family can immediately benefit from improved IAQ and cleaner breathing space.

Increases the Airflow

Airflow is one of the most important factors that keep your home cool this summer. If your air conditioning unit in Biloxi, MS is clogged with debris and dirt, it cannot provide the comfort you demand from it.

While replacing your air filter regularly helps address this problem, it won’t do so much to help increase airflow. Adding a UV light can offer your A/C a serious boost to ensure that your home achieves optimal airflow throughout.

Destroys Microorganisms

Apart from debris in the air filter, proper airflow is also affected when your coil is clogged with microorganisms. Your last resort to achieve the desired temperature would be running your unit for an extended period. Cleaning your coils regularly and installing a UV light can help destroy microorganisms that prevent your unit from operating properly and providing smooth airflow.

Decreases Your Energy Costs

When your unit effectively provides improved airflow, and it works in peak performance, chances are your energy cost will be steady and remain low. Adding UV lights in your HVAC system is a win-win solution, as they help your unit work in tip-top shape, ensuring to consume less energy throughout the operation.

Removes VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds are found all over your home. They have a direct effect on the quality of the air you breathe indoors, meaning they can impact your health too. But did you know that you can dramatically reduce the existing amount of VOCs inside your home by installing a UV light in your comfort system? Yes, you read it right! So install your own UV light today and enjoy this added benefit in your home.

Adding a UV light in your existing HVAC system in Biloxi, MS brings irresistible benefits to your health, comfort, and savings. Here at North Bay Heating & Air, you can find a wide variety of UV lights for your current HVAC system. Talk to us, and we’ll be glad to help you.

The Benefits of Spring A/C Tune-Up in Biloxi, MS

Spring has arrived in Biloxi, MS, and the next season to expect is the hot summer. Do you know what it means? You’re right, hotter weather! With the rising temperature, your air conditioning system should be kept in its best shape to provide the comfort you demand from it, and this can only be possible through professional A/C tune-up.

Expect these benefits when you schedule your spring A/C tune-up in Biloxi, MS with North Bay Heating & Air today:

Uninterrupted Comfort

The first reason why spring A/C tune-up is implemented by our pros is to ensure you get an interrupted comfort throughout the scorching months. We will check your system and fix potential problems before they cause major trouble both in your savings and comfort.

Reduced Cooling Cost

Air conditioners account for approximately half of the energy cost each month. With a malfunctioning A/C, this cost can go even higher. Surely, this is a stressful way for you to balance your budget with your cooling demand. Worry no more; our experts will check your cooling system and ensure each part is running perfectly, leaving you with an efficient system and lower utility bills.

Enhanced Efficiency

Saving energy and lowering utility bills are relatively easy when you have a high performing air conditioner. The amount of energy consumed by your unit has something to do with its performance. So it is best to schedule semi-annual maintenance with our pros to keep your unit running in peak performance and efficiency.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Spring air conditioning tune-up does not just improve your unit’s performance, but also the air that you and your family breathe. Spring season can bring airborne allergens and pollutants inside your home, especially when the air passageways of your unit are not checked and cleaned. So before the peak allergy season arrives, schedule your A/C tune in Biloxi, MS to prevent the pollutants from attacking your home.

Less Possibility of Breakdown

A simple issue on your air conditioning can invite bigger problems when left unattended. With spring A/C tune-up, all types of problems (big or small) are addressed and fixed long before they cause major trouble to the other parts of your unit.

Looking for Professional A/C Tune-Up in Biloxi, MS?

Experience all these benefits with spring A/C tune-up from our pros. If you are looking for professional A/C tune-up in Biloxi, MS, contact us at North Bay Heating & Air today. Allow us to spot and rectify the underlying issues in your air conditioning system.

How Does A/C Cool Your Biloxi, MS Home?

Every homeowner in Biloxi, MS knows that air conditioners are primarily designed for cooling spaces during the hot weather. Turn the unit’s switch on, and the cool air is blown out immediately. But did you know that there are more interesting facts than just this?

Our experts at North Bay Heating & Air will explain the science behind how A/C cools your Biloxi, MS home… so keep reading.

  • Step 1:

The warm air from your room is sucked in using a grille that is found at the unit’s base.

  • Step 2:

The air will flow over chiller pipes, in which the coolant fluid circulates. These chiller pipes work the same as the chiller cabinet found in your refrigerator. They are responsible for cooling the incoming air and work hand-in-hand with a humidifier to remove excess moisture.

  • Step 3:

Then, the air will flow over a heating element (an element the same with the ones in a fan heater).

  • Step 4:

The fan found at the top of your unit will blast the air back through another grille going straight into your home. Once the heating element is turned on, the air that re-enters your space will become much cooler, making your home even more comfortable.

  • Step 5:

Meanwhile, the coolant will flow through your chiller pipes and pick up the warm air that blows through pipes and evaporate them. It will carry the captured heat from your home and release it outside. The same with your kitchen ref, this coolant flows through a compressor and condensing pipes, turning the element back into a cool fluid and getting it ready for another cycle.

  • Step 6:

So what happens to the heat now? As what you have noticed, your installer places two units – one indoor unit and one outdoor component. Your outdoor unit is the one dissipating the warm air to the atmosphere. Your outdoor unit’s electric fan blows the air that passes through it to speed up the heat dissipation process.

  • Step 7:

Finally, the heat present inside your home is gradually pumped away into the outdoor air to cool down your space consistently.

Want to Understand More How Your A/C Works?

Your air conditioning unit has its unique way of cooling your home and making it more comfortable during the hot months of the year. If you want to learn more about how your A/C works or if you need professional air conditioning repair in Biloxi, MS, we are the right experts to call. Contact us at North Bay Heating & Air today.


Make the Most of Springtime Efficiency with A/C Services

Your springtime in Biloxi, MS can be as efficient as possible when you implement some maintenance tasks for your A/C. Now that we are getting closer to the summer and the weather tends to get a little hotter, maintenance will make sure that your cooling unit is working in peak performance and efficiency.

Read on to know how you can make the most of springtime efficiency through A/C services and maintenance in Biloxi, MS.

Importance of A/C Repair in Biloxi, MS

By scheduling a complete A/C repair and maintenance with the pro this spring, you can make sure that your unit is working in peak performance. The service will help boost your unit’s efficiency and ensure that your utility bill remains low and manageable.

Your technician will inspect and diagnose every component to prevent potential breakdown and help you save energy when the unbearable summer arrives. If all your A/C’s parts are in good working condition, you can definitely save energy as any possible strain that might put your unit in danger is addressed and fixed earlier.

Your technician might also recommend monitoring and changing your filters. Doing this regularly can combat springtime allergies and allow proper airflow and cooling across your home. Just think how this can positively impact your savings.

What’s Included in A/C Service in Biloxi, MS?

When you experience issues in your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to call the pros to get some repairs done for your unit. The tasks like cleaning the coils, lubricating the moving parts, checking and cleaning the outdoor units, cleaning the ductwork, recalibrating the thermostat, and much more will be done as part of A/C repair in Biloxi, MS.

To make the most of the service, the experts suggest getting an HVAC maintenance agreement for your unit. As part of your saving goals, this agreement can also help you since it costs lesser compared to when you have to schedule an individual service for your A/C each year. Talk to your technician to understand what this agreement is all about and how it works for your needs.

Are you looking for Reliable A/C Service In Biloxi, MS?

By having an efficient A/C that effectively cools down your home, you can definitely boost your savings and comfort. Don’t compromise your unit’s ability to cool your space! It has all you need to make the season as comfortable as possible.

When you need help to achieve this goal, contact us at North Bay Heating & Air. We deliver A/C repair in Biloxi, MS and even provide affordable maintenance agreements to keep your unit in good working condition all year round.

Springtime Energy-Saving Tips for Your Biloxi, MS Home

Spring brings a perfect opportunity for you to get your Biloxi, MS home ready for the new season. Begin your preparation with these tips from our professionals and your pocket will thank you for paying low utility bills in the future.

Here are the springtime energy-saving tips for your Biloxi, MS home:

Seal Your Ductwork

Air loss through your ductwork can lead to increased energy cost, accounting for approximately 30% of your air conditioning’s energy consumption. Sealing and insulating your ductwork can go a long way toward reducing your energy consumption.

Open Your Windows

Enjoy the natural ventilation by allowing some fresh air to get in. Opening your window can create a cross-breeze effect that flows naturally and cools down your body. If you are living in an area where the temperature drops during night time, open your window and turn off your A/C to save energy.

Use Ceiling Fans

By cooling your home using your ceiling fans, you can raise your thermostat’s temperature by up to 4 degrees. Ceiling fans help push the air throughout your home and create a cooling effect on your body. If you don’t have ceiling fans, you can use the oscillating fans as an alternative.

Open Your Curtain

Allow the sunshine to get inside your home by opening your curtains. Turn off the artificial light during the day and use your window to brighten your home naturally. Opening your curtain will surely help reduce your lighting energy consumption.

Use Your Heat-Producing Appliances in the Morning

You can also manage your indoor temperature and help your A/C work efficiently by using your heat-generating devices at the right time. Some chores like running your washer and dryer, cooking foods, and ironing are best done in the morning or evening if the sun is low. Doing these tasks at noon will just add another layer of heat inside your home.

Install Window Treatments

Energy-efficient window coverings like shades, blinds, and films can also reduce the amount of heat that gets inside your home when the sun is high. These window treatments do not just enhance the appeal of your home, but also lower your energy consumption.

Seal the Gaps and Cracks

Gaps and cracks around your windows and doors can contribute to higher energy bills. They can allow your conditioned air to escape and even let the hot outdoor air to get in. Be sure to check your doors and windows and seal them using weather-stripping or caulk sealant.

Saving energy this spring is simple if you follow these easy and effective steps. Together with these tips, however, you have to make sure that you schedule a regular A/C maintenance with the pro to secure the overall health of your unit. With that, we can help! Contact us at North Bay Heating & Air today!

Cracking the Code Between Smart Building Technology and HVAC

Buildings consume about 40% of the energy in the world, and out of this percentage, HVAC systems are known to be the largest energy consumers. But with the help of smart building solutions that are equipped with automated controls, decision-supporting software, and multiple technologies, building owners are now given a chance to save energy while maintaining their systems’ overall performance.

Here are the benefits of integrating smart building technology with your current commercial HVAC system:

Energy Efficiency

Smart buildings consider different energy-saving policies in their structure. They apply smart devices in different locations of the facility so that adjusting and controlling energy consumption can be made even easier and more efficient. Smart buildings provide automatic optimization and tracking of their HVAC systems’ energy consumption through a centralized dashboard. This makes tracking energy usage and making energy-saving solutions possible in their system.

Advanced Analytics

The analytics provided by the system can be used to show a visual graph of different techniques for energy savings. Building owners can identify what causes their energy to rise and this can be achieved through powerful analytics engines which use various algorithms and rules to highlight the energy-saving measures. Predictive analytics proficiently predict the energy consumption trends of the building in the future based on the historical data acquired.

Reduced Energy Waste

Reduced energy waste is among the most significant benefits offered by smart building solutions. This is achieved by identifying, collecting, and aggregating data from the building’s heating and cooling system. The good thing about this is that you do not have to set up an automated structure, system, utility, and weather data collection from your management system to feed into smart building solutions. Most data is stored in the cloud so you can process them in a safer way.

Preventive Maintenance

Smart building solutions provide a reliable solution to address early signs of damage so you can resolve them before they become major issues. For instance, the solution send alerts if you need air filter replacement or if the airflow is compromised. Upon receiving notification, you can immediately act to solve the problem. The alarm management ranks these alerts and notifications so you know which work should be done first.

Automating and regulating your comfort system can be a complex job. But if you understand how smart building solutions work and you do it right, you can achieve the best possible result.

To get updates on industry news like this, take time check our page or call us at North Bay Heating & Air for more information.

The Perfect Temperature Setting For Spring

After the long cold winter, we can finally look forward to more exciting park strolls, zoo visits, and many enjoyable outdoor trips. Guess what; the spring is fast approaching! However, the advent of the new season is not just about making outdoor moments with your loved ones; it also means finding the most efficient yet comfortable temperature setting indoors.

If you do not know where to begin, take a look at these temperature setting tips for spring:

Use Your Ceiling Fans

In the warmer weather, you can take advantage of your ceiling fans’ blown air by rotating them counter-clockwise. If you switched their rotations to clockwise last winter, be sure to reverse them this spring season. They can help create a cool breeze. Their windchill can make you feel like you are getting 5 degrees cooler than the actual home temperature. After all, setting your temperature to 73 degrees is much better than 78 degrees.

Use Your Heat-Producing Devices at the Right Time

You can also manage your indoor temperature and supplement your cooling system by using household heat-producing devices at the right time. The chores like cooking foods, ironing clothes, and running dryer and washer are best done in the morning or evening when the sun is low. By doing so, you do not need to run your thermostat to combat the heat from the sun and your appliances.

Invest in High-Efficiency LED Bulbs

One of the easy fixes to manage your indoor temperature is investing in highly efficient LED or halogen light bulbs. They may cost more than the typical incandescent bulb, but they are worth buying when it comes to efficiency, comfort, and savings. LED bulbs only use one-tenth of the electric energy consumed by incandescent bulbs. They do not even emit heat, which makes them a valuable option compared to incandescent bulbs that produce 90% heat and only 10% light with the energy used.

Cover Your Windows

One of the factors that contribute to too much heat inside your home is the direct sunlight. Block the sun and cover your windows using blackouts or good window treatments to prevent the radiant heat transfer. This keeps the invasive heat of the sun out, helping your thermostat regulate the most efficient and comfortable temperature for your space.

If you are interested in discovering more energy-saving tips this spring season or you just want to understand more about how you can efficiently run your thermostat, don’t hesitate to call our team at North Bay Heating & Air. Contact us today.